Podcast: Mission qualfon

Making each person’s life better one episode at a time

Most companies, including BPOs, have a mission statement that demonstrates its core values, but do its employees know and understand what it stands for? Each month, Qualfon executives and employees across our organization will join hosts Marisol Sanchez and Jeremy Lunnen for a deep dive into how they live the Qualfon mission through mentorship, learning and development, community involvement and communication.

Whether you want to learn more about being a better mentor or manager or are looking for ways to motivate and invest in your employees, this is the podcast for you.

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Episode 1: What Makes a Good Mentor and/or Mentee? Mike Marrow, CEO of Qualfon

From Agent to VP of Operations – Climbing the BPO Ladder, with Angel Posada

Episode 13 | September 25, 2020

A common theme of working in the BPO industry is that rarely anyone starts out thinking it will be a lifelong career. On this episode of the podcast, join us in reliving Qualfon’s VP of Operations and Client Relations, Angel Posada, rise from a call center agent to an international executive.

Marisol, Jeremy and Angel discuss climbing the corporate ladder and important roles within the BPO industry.

Pursuing Your Total Vocation, with Jennifer Di Tirro, VP of Business Development

Episode 11 | September 11, 2020

Have you found your perfect job or total vocation? Listen to our very own Jennifer Di Tirro, VP of Business Development, discuss her extraordinary story that brought her to Qualfon and how she feels she is living her total vocation.

We detail her journey from adolescence to present-day successful business executive and how her experiences have helped cultivate her character, resiliency and her career. For anyone who fell into a career in the BPO/call center industry, this episode is a must listen. A truly inspiring conversation.

Process Improvement: Continuously Improving to Be the Best with Al Barrenechea, Director of Qualfon University

Episode 11 | August 28, 2020

Does your organization have a six-sigma initiative that is pulling you away from getting your job done?  Learn how Qualfon integrates six-sigma practices into our leadership toolbox to save time versus take up time. Qualfon University has dedicated an entire team to building programs for continuous improvement benefiting both our employees and clients. Hear from Al Barrenechea, Director of Qualfon University, as he walks listeners through the various programs available to Qualfon employees, including Supervisor Training, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Programs, STRIDES Values Training and more. Discover how his team paves the way for leadership development creating a solid foundation for leaders to become better mission leaders and mentors.

Answering the Call: A Company with a Heart with Maricarmen Gonzalez, Board Member and spouse of Alfonso Gonzalez, Founder and Chairman of Qualfon

Episode 10 | August 14, 2020

What does it mean to be a company with a heart? Qualfon is driven by the principles of our mission to Be The Best and Make Each Person’s Life Better. On this special episode of Mission Qualfon, you will meet Maricarmen Gonzalez, Board Member and spouse of Alfonso Gonzalez, our Founder and Chairman. Hear how her family answered the call to work each day in pursuit of Qualfon’s mission to improve the life of every one of our employees, their families and the communities where we work. Find out how the Gonzalez children became part of the Qualfon team to ensure our mission carries on for generations to come.

Project Management; Conducting an Orchestra with Tracy Flanigan, Project Manager

Episode 9 | July 31, 2020

Ever wonder what qualities or traits it takes to become a successful project manager? Being a project manager is like being a conductor; you are coordinating an orchestra made up of many different instruments working together to get to the end goal. On this episode of Mission Qualfon, Tracy Flanigan, Project Manager at Qualfon, discusses the importance of teamwork, internal collaboration and a mentor/mentee program in a project management role. Hear about her recent projects, including a playbook for COVID-19 Safety at Work and Work-at-Home (WAH) agents, both vital to the success of the organization moving forward. Come learn the ins and outs of project management and the skills it takes to get a standing ovation at the end of your performance (project).


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) 101, with Mike Marrow, Chief Executive Officer

Episode 8 | July 17, 2020

Are you familiar with Qualfon? Do you know what the term BPO means? If you answered no to either question, this is the podcast for you. Hear from Mike Marrow, Chief Executive Officer, as he gives listeners a masterclass on the evolution of the BPO industry, including the history of Qualfon. Hear from three BPO veterans as they dive into the ins and outs of the industry as it relates to people, process and technology.

Home is where the heart is, with Jan Aquino, VP of Operations

Episode 7 | July 3, 2020

The Philippines is one of the leading outsourcing destinations in the world, but what makes Qualfon unique in such a competitive marketplace? Hear from Jan Aquino, VP of Operations, as he speaks about his 17-year journey in the BPO space and finally finding his home at Qualfon. Born and raised in Dumaguete, Jan shares why the city is known for its rich talent pool and cross-cultural alignment. Also hear how he was recently impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, in both his personal and professional life, while being quarantined in Manilla for more than 100 days. After working at seven different BPOs throughout his career, hear Jan’s insights into what makes Qualfon unique.


Stronger Together with Cultural Alignment, Kristi Walsh, VP of Client Relations

Episode 6 | June 19, 2020

There is a lot to consider when exploring a new outsource provider, but how important is cultural alignment when selecting a new BPO? Hear from Kristi Walsh, VP of Client Relations at Qualfon, as she speaks to the importance of cultural alignment within an organization and how it ties back to employee engagement and client satisfaction. Qualfon’s culture and mission programs are critical to driving performance for our clients because well-trained and engaged agents provide better performance. Learn how we strive to be the best for our clients and make each person’s life better.

How to Be the Best and Make Each Person’s Life Better, with Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, Chief Mission Officer

Episode 5 | June 4, 2020

Most companies, including BPOs, have a mission statement that demonstrates their core values, but do they have a dedicated Mission Office, including a Chief Mission Officer? Qualfon does! On this episode of Mission Qualfon, Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, Chief Mission Officer of Qualfon, describes his commitment and dedication to the Qualfon mission to be the best and make each person’s life better. Learn how the five pillars of our mission program (Care@Work, Learn@Work, Fun@Work, Give@Work and Communication@Work) ensure we help as many people as possible pursue their total vocation.


Stairway to the Best Version of Yourself, with Lyman Baete, Manager of Higher Education

Episode 4 | May 21, 2020

Does your enterprise employer own an accredited University or offer education and skills-development opportunities to both you AND your families? Qualfon does! On this episode of Mission Qualfon, you will learn about education opportunities available through Qualfon’s Learn@Work program, promoting continuous improvement, skills development and higher education. Lyman Baete, Manager of Higher Education at Qualfon, shares some of the programs developed for our employees, including our 52-step career pathing program, 1,100+ skills-development courses offered through LinkedIn Learning and the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree through our accredited Rochat University. Hear how these programs are encouraging each employee to become the best version of themselves.

Learn@Work, with Kim Carr, Process Optimization Engineering Team

Episode 3 | May 7, 2020

On this episode of Mission Qualfon, you will hear from one of our most tenured and loyal employees, Kim Carr. Hear about Kim’s 16-year journey with Qualfon, as she successfully advanced from an agent to a dedicated Director of Client Relations for one of our most strategic accounts and largest online e-retailer. Today, Kim provides leadership for process engineering across multiple clients. Learn how Qualfon’s education, training and continuous improvement programs help ensure each person has a chance to pursue their total vocation, in life and at work.

The New Kid on the Block, with Ian Jones, SVP of Integrated Solutions

Episode 2 | April 23, 2020

On this episode of Mission Qualfon, you will hear from Qualfon’s SVP of Integrated Solutions, Ian Jones, speak about Qualfon’s Integrated Marketing Solutions line of business, including data analytics, digital communications, on-demand print and fulfillment services. Also, hear how Ian’s impression of the Mission has impacted him in his short time at Qualfon and how it differs from other large corporations he’s worked for in the past.

What Makes a Good Mentor and/or Mentee? Mike Marrow, CEO of Qualfon

Episode 1 | April 1, 2020

On the first episode of Mission Qualfon, you will hear from Qualfon’s CEO, Mike Marrow, speak about a topic that he’s very passionate about – mentorship. Find out what makes a good mentor hear from his very own mentee and learn what we’re doing as company to make each person’s life better.