It’s Simple. It’s About People.

Qualfon’s agent retention is twice the industry average, which provides you more value with better quality at a lower price.

The secret to our highly tenured and engaged workforce is simple. We focus on what matters to our people, and that is their work life, plus their family, friends, community, spirituality, and health. We invest in our people, and in return, they take better care of your customers.

Intelligent Outsourcing Locations

With locations around the world, Qualfon is a global provider of call center services and back-office processing.

Spokane, Washington: Multiple contact centers provide sales and service excellence

Harlingen, Texas: Bilingual services from an on-shore location

Ft. Collins, Colorado: Customer experience excellence in one of the best places to live

Manila, Philippines: A top-rated BPO city offering accessibility, talent, and sustainability

Cebu, Philippines: In the 2nd-largest city in the Philippines, Qualfon is the 2nd-largest BPO

Dumaguete, Philippines: With over 3,000 employees in this university town, Qualfon is one of the largest BPO operations in the provincial Philippines

Georgetown, Guyana: Our native-English offering in Latin America with pricing competitive with India and the Philippines

Mexico City, Mexico: An established BPO location offering near-shore, multi-lingual hubs

Harbin & Xian, China: Low-cost labor market solution centers with a highly educated workforce

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