January 30, 2017

Qualfon_Group_Photo_Summit_2017Qualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, held its annual leadership summit last week in San Antonio, Texas, during which executives and leaders gathered from across the globe to recognize recent achievements and chart a course toward the company mission: “Be the best BPO. Make people’s lives better.”

During the event, CEO Mike Marrow recognized employee efforts that were instrumental in advancing the company in 2016. The third annual CEO Shining Star Awards were presented to seven leaders whose personal contributions stood out among the rest. The winners are:

Abril Aramburu, Human Development Manager, Mexico City, Mexico: For her passion and unwavering dedication to serve the needs of others, adding value to both operational efficiency and effectivenessQualfon Summit 2017 - 208 - Shining Star Award Winners

Jewel Bowers, Operations Director, San Antonio, Texas: For her persistence in the pursuit of excellence, driving a culture of continuous improvement and momentum toward results that exceed all expectations

Kristie Chappell, Accounting Service, West Chester, Pennsylvania: For her ability to successfully tackle the toughest challenges, handle conflict with patience and grace, and incite passion and inspiration into those around her

Kamaria Crawford, Senior Operations Manager, Georgetown, Guyana: For her creative and mindful leadership that drives customer care results while also encouraging employees to find a healthy work-life balance

Chad Jumalon, IT Corporate Director, Cebu, Philippines: For his responsiveness, personal reliability, and steadfast work ethic that empower the company to move fast and attain operational excellence

Jeremy Lunnen, Leadership Development Programs Manager, Liberty Lake, Washington: For his vibrant leadership and dynamic teaching skills that create a heightened sense of community and inspire others to learn and grow

Renea Malara, Benefits Manager, Fort Collins, Colorado: For her tireless contributions, management skills, and service-focused strategies that keep the employees informed, the department on track, and the company in compliance

“You are an inspiration to the executive team and to your colleagues and peers,” said Mr. Marrow, as he addressed the Shining Stars from the podium. “Thank you for your service and dedication to Qualfon. It is your management skills, your mentoring techniques, and your ability to be effective messengers that allow us to achieve our mission.”

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January 16, 2017

mentors-messengers-managers-image-1Qualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, is training its leaders to help the company take strides towards its mission: “Be the best BPO. Make people’s lives better.” The Qualfon Mission Leader curriculum provides all employees in leadership roles with the education they need to be effective mentors, managers, and messengers so they can infuse the mission and company values into everyday operations.

“Qualfon’s leaders must be empowered to support our mission and turn its lofty goals into real results across every department. Therefore, each person who is in a position to influence others must be educated on how to apply the mission to their work and on how to be the best leader they can be,” said Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, Qualfon Chief Mission Officer, who oversees the new program.

More than 1,060 managers, supervisors, and other leaders are currently working their way through 14 Mission Leader training sessions, which are offered in live, virtual classrooms once a month. The curriculum is divided into three sections, each focused on tools and skillsets that can help employees be better mentors, managers, and messengers—three roles that leaders commonly take and should feel confident in at Qualfon.

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January 9, 2017

Qualfon Fort CollinsQualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, has 150 employment opportunities in Fort Collins, Colorado that it aims to fill very quickly. The contact center job opportunities include customer service and inbound sales positions serving some of the largest consumer brands across multiple industries. On-the-spot interviews will be held on Tuesday, January 17th, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Cambria Hotel & Suites located at 2921 E. Harmony Road, Fort Collins, CO 80528.

Job Fair: On-the-Spot Interviews

Walk-in applications are welcomed and will be interviewed on a first come, first served basis. Scheduled interview appointments are also available after applying online. Premium appointments with scheduled interview times will be provided to those who apply online in advance at www.QualfonJobs.com. Qualfon will contact applicants to schedule an appointment and will review applications before the interview. Recommended: Please bring to the job fair two forms of identification and a resume (paper or electronic).

  • Fun and casual work environment
  • Inbound calls only—Qualfon employees don’t call customers, customers call Qualfon employees!
  • Great pay, incentives, and benefits
  • Work with some of the largest consumer brands in telecommunications, online retail, identity theft protection, and entertainment
  • Join Qualfon’s fun clubs, volunteer opportunities and more
  • Qualfon’s mission is: “Be the best BPO. Make people’s lives Better.”

“This is a casual work environment and a casual job fair event to help people in the community get to know Qualfon. So, we encourage anyone who thinks they might be interested in working here to come in, complete an application and speak to our hiring team to see if Qualfon is the right fit,” said Janet Dickinson, Talent Acquisition Manager, Qualfon Fort Collins.

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January 3, 2017

colin-conner4Qualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, announced the appointment of Colin Conner as Vice President of Business Development. Colin brings over 18+ years of sales and consulting experience in the BPO marketplace and will lead Qualfon in driving revenue growth in the healthcare and property and casualty (P&C) verticals.

Colin is an accomplished business success architect and change agent for healthcare, financial services, and insurance companies. His broad experience includes leading sales and operations channels at the same time. Understanding the unique challenges facing the insurance verticals, Colin has proven success in designing contact center solutions that propel companies of all sizes. In addition to directly managing up to 1,800 employees and operating budgets over $165 million, Colin has closed sales in the communications, technology, financial services, utilities, and retail industries. He has also placed business across the U.S. and in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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December 19, 2016


Qualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, is putting smiles on hundreds of faces with the gift of food this holiday season. A variety of celebratory activities across the globe filled the bellies and the hearts of employees and others in the community.

On December 12th the Fort Collins center hosted its annual celebration that fed hundreds of people. Mountains of Olive Garden spaghetti honored the contributions employees made during 2016. While many enjoyed hot breadsticks and sauce, others flocked to the costume photo booth to capture the smiles and laughter inspired by the shared meal. The cheer soon spilled out into the community as Qualfon donated meals to the Fort Collins Rescue Mission. Additionally, just before Thanksgiving, 40 Qualfon Fort Collins employees in need received food baskets that earned wide-eyed grins, filling their dinner tables with deliciousness.

Photo at Right: The Qualfon Fort Collins photo booth captured the fellowship of food

“There’s something about free food that makes everyone smile,” said Rocio Chartier, Site Activities Coordinator, Qualfon Fort Collins, who organized many celebratory events at the contact center. “A hot meal is a simple and easy way to stir up some holiday happiness.”

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December 12, 2016


Qualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, held a Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Cebu Philippines contact center that both inaugurated Qualfon’s expanded Recruitment Center and acted as a fundraiser for the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Hearts Children’s Home. Twinkling holiday lights highlighted the new recruiting space designed to improve the applicant experience and promoted an ornament fundraiser and angel tree program benefiting children at the local orphanage.

“With the new recruiting hub and our success in raising hundreds of dollars for children in need, we have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for this Christmas,” said Steve Brown, Site Director, Qualfon Cebu. “We take pride in our mission to be the best BPO and make people’s lives better. Especially at this time of year, Qualfon’s mission delivers a message of solicitude and compassion towards others.”

Photo at Right: During the tree lighting ceremony, voices of the Fun@Work employee glee club, Qualfon GleeQs, filled the halls with holiday cheer

Qualfon employees purchased more than 100 Christmas tree ornaments and gave presents to children at the home. Monetary donations from the ornaments will be used to purchase school supplies and augment the student’s school-related expenses for the month of December. Meanwhile, angel tree toy donations will make the dreams of 22 children come true this holiday season. During the lighting ceremony, carolers sang while Qualfon invited those employees who supported the fundraiser to hang their ornaments on the tree. On December 23rd, Qualfon will host a small Christmas party at the children’s home to give all the gifts to the children.

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December 5, 2016

Qualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, awarded a collective $10,250 in cash prizes to employees as part of its third annual Music Video Contest. Sponsored by Qualfon’s Mission Office and the Fun@Work program, the competition generated 16 video submissions. The primary competition or divisional round identified winning videos in specific sites and regions across the world. First place divisional winners were then eligible to advance to the international round, where they competed for the largest cash prizes. More than 5,600 employee and executive judges cast their votes to decide the winners. Here they are!

International Winners

First Place: “Qualfon You Are Our Home” by Elvie Po, Edwin Martinez and team

Second Place: “Let’s All Be One” by Dale Albert Amante

Third Place: “Qualfon Shout It Out” by Kennyana Carter

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November 28, 2016

six-sigma-gradsQualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, reported today that during 2016 an additional 493 contact center managers and supervisors have earned their Six Sigma Green Belt certification through Keisen Consulting and Qualfon’s Leadership Academy. The achievement marks another step forward in Qualfon’s effort to certify every supervisor in Six Sigma practices. Since the start of the initiative, the total number of certified leaders has now risen to a total of 812.

“With more Green Belt certified leaders in the Qualfon management team, we aim to reach new standards of operational excellence and build a stronger culture of continuous improvement,” explained Al Barrenechea, Qualfon University Director, who manages the program. “This is all part of our plan to become the best BPO and make people’s lives better, as our company mission states.”

Photo at Right: TOP – Qualfon Cebu Operations Supervisors celebrate graduation. BOTTOM – Leo Corsiga, Cherry Mae Nuñez, Angelita Mia Famadico, and Lyna Tagalog show off their graduation rings

Qualfon’s Leadership Academy is a company-wide initiative that requires contact center supervisors, managers, and leaders to complete 19 management courses and attain Six Sigma Green Belt certification through an independent certification company. Qualfon partners with Keisen Consulting in Mexico City to support education and certify employees in Six Sigma practices.

“Six Sigma is the gold standard for process improvement in the contact center industry. We’re very proud of these individuals, whose accomplishments reflect highly on our management team. Clients who choose Qualfon get a partner who actively invests in the development of front-line management, bringing leadership closer to the point of service,” said Mike Marrow, CEO, Qualfon.

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November 21, 2016

haven-for-hope-and-qualfon-birthday-party-for-resident-childrenQualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, announced today that its partnership with Haven for Hope is expanding with multiple employee volunteerism programs that provide fun activities for Haven for Hope residents and members in San Antonio, Texas. Qualfon’s employee-run fun clubs are spearheading the efforts, coordinating birthday parties for children and offering crafty entertainment for both adults and children. Haven for Hope is a 22-acre campus of hope and new beginnings providing transformational services to help people address the root cause of homelessness.

Photo at Right: Qualfon employee volunteers wear colorful t-shirts as they host a birthday party for resident children at Haven for Hope

“Our partnership with Haven for Hope continues to blossom,” said Steve Tatarian, V.P. of Operations at Qualfon San Antonio. “Qualfon’s fun clubs are a great complement to Haven’s programs, and our employees are eager to put their skills and talents to work for the hundreds of people that Haven for Hope serves every day.”

In August, the Qualfon E.C.H.O. (Everyone Can Help Others) fun club assisted Haven in hosting a birthday party for resident children. The party is now a monthly tradition and ongoing program. With the helping hands of 25 Qualfon volunteers, E.C.H.O. provides party planners, pizza, cake, gifts, and games for a gaggle of youngsters ages 1 to 16.

Other employees and fun clubs quickly followed suit. The Art Club and book club (called a Novel Idea) started experimenting with art activities and reading groups for both children and adults at the campus. Those activities were well received, and starting in January 2017, the Puzzle Club, Sport Club, and Music Club will join their efforts, adding a larger variety of entertainment through Courtyard Gathering events.

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November 14, 2016

veterans-day-press-release-pic-2016Qualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, honored veteran employees during Veterans Day celebrations at its contact centers across the U.S. In addition to ceremonies and luncheons, Qualfon is capturing many of the employees’ pictures and stories to compile in a video that will salute members of the Armed Forces.

“Many of our employees are soldiers, sailors, aviators, marines, and coast guards who have served our country with honor. On Veterans Day, we want to show our appreciation and thank them for the sacrifices they have made so that millions of Americans can live free,” said Kaycie Miller, Mission Office Coordinator at Qualfon Liberty Lake, Washington, where Qualfon honored 16 veterans with an open mic ceremony introducing employees and inviting them to share their patriotism and stories of service.

Matthew Carleton, Site Director at Qualfon Liberty Lake and veteran of the United States Army and Army National Guard said, “Whether our veterans landed at Inchon Harbor in 1950, cleared the jungle around Kason firebase in 1968, stood your post on the Czechoslovakian frontier in 1974, participated in the Panamanian and Grenadian liberations in the 1980’s, or served in Iraq or Afghanistan—regardless—we all share a common bond of service to each other and the Nation. All took the oath. All wore the suit and all stood in the gap between those that would steel our liberties and take our lives. Many never come home. Remember them all in your prayers. The land of the free does not exist without the brave.”

Photo at Right: Matthew Carleton celebrates with veteran employees at Qualfon Liberty Lake 

Across the U.S., Qualfon hosted additional celebrations. In San Antonio, Texas, Qualfon distributed special Veteran’s Day letters and served lunch in honor of 30 veteran employees. In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, slideshows of employee veterans and their family members were showcased on the media wall. In Hayden, Idaho, American flags placed at the workstation of each veteran helped recognize and honor their service. Additional celebratory activities were held in Fort Collins, Colorado; Orangeburg, South Carolina; Shelbyville, Kentucky; and West Chester and Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

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