Our Mission and Values

Our Company Mission

Mission LogoQualfon’s mission is to help as many people as possible pursue their total vocation—as individuals and as members of society—by creating an ever-growing number of job opportunities as we strive to become the outsourcer of choice for our clients. In summary, our mission is “Be the Best BPO. Make People’s Lives Better.” This begins with our people. Our employee retention is often twice the industry average because we care about our people—at work and beyond. Qualfon offers programs that promote personal development and provide direct support for our people and their families.

We are also making the lives of our customers better by having highly tenured and highly engaged people take better care of customers, which has led to our clients winning coveted customer service awards. Qualfon makes clients’ lives better by achieving top-ranking performance at a lower cost because of our strategic location advantage and because our employee retention is twice the industry average. Finally, we are also deeply committed to making our communities better.

Our Values: Qualfon STRIDES

At Qualfon, we encourage STRIDES in everything we do. STRIDES represents Qualfon’s seven company values:

  • Service Qualfon Values STRIDES Logo 4-24-14
  • Teamwork
  • Results
  • Integrity
  • Dignity
  • Encouragement
  • Spirituality

We live by this system of shared values and use it as a framework for decision making at all levels.

Mission Office & Programs

The Mission Office supports Qualfon’s  mission to be the best BPO and make people’s lives better. Qualfon designates portions of our revenue to support employees, families, and communities, and the Qualfon Mission Office turns these funds into programs and services that enrich people’s lives.

The Mission Office is divided into five different programs:

  • Care@Work: Promotes an environment where people trust and support each other in a caring, family manner
  • Give@Work: Promotes an environment where people are involved beyond what their daily work duties require of them and actively participate in supporting people in the community
  • Fun@Work: Promotes an environment full of opportunities to share common hobbies and interests, learn, and have fun
  • Learn@Work: Promotes an environment where people are developed to explore and apply their full vocation
  • Communication@Work: Promotes an environment where people are encouraged and given the opportunity to share in our mission and understand our values, plans, and goals

Give at Work LogoThese programs positively impact employees, families and communities. For instance, through the Give@Work program, roughly 11,086 Qualfon employees volunteered 26,366 hours of their time to support 45 charitable organizations and non-profit agencies across four countries.

See a list of recent Mission Office activities on the Qualfon News page

Mission Index

MIssion Index LogoQualfon continuously measures our ability to make people’s lives better. The Mission Index holds us accountable for enriching the lives of employees, their families, and their communities. Specifically, Qualfon’s Mission Index measures:

  • Job creation
  • Employee retention
  • Employee engagement in humanitarian-related activities sponsored by Qualfon
  • Employee satisfaction and opinions about the company

“The spirit of the company is our mission, and this is how we provide visibility into the achievement of our primary purpose.” -Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, Chief Mission Officer, Qualfon