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Qualfon’s leadership team is highly experienced and shares their expertise in the resources below. Don’t miss these tips for proven success in driving both solution innovation and performance in your outsourcing program.

Frost & Sullivan White Paper
An Emerging Model in BPO: The Contact Center in the Neighborhood

In Manila, Philippines, an emerging BPO model is making this world-leading outsourcing geography even better.

This white paper explores how Qualfon’s innovative approach to make lives and business better is cultivating a culture of employee engagement that drives competitive advantage through lower attrition and absenteeism and higher performance.

  • Understand the Manila market and the challenges that influence employee engagement
  • Learn how the contact center in the neighborhood model works and its keys to success
  • Evaluate the net effect on employee performance, attrition, absenteeism, and loyalty
  • Hear how it cultivates a culture of engagement benefiting clients and customers




Ovum Case Study
Winning in CRM by Developing Supervisor Talent

Ovum explains how Qualfon’s Leadership Academy develops contact center supervisors, resulting in CRM success. This case study provides:

  • The latest research on the challenges CRM managers face
  • Insight into how Leadership Academy works
  • Program results and measurable improvements in client metrics





Ovum/Qualfon Recorded Webinar
Leadership at the Point of Service: Supervisor Best Practices

Ovum and Qualfon present the latest research on the impact of contact center supervisors and explore best practices for transforming supervisors into leaders.

This recorded webinar offers insights into:

  • Measuring the significance of the contact center supervisor
  • Identifying the obstacles to their success
  • Determining the benefits of having leadership at the point of service
  • Discussing best practices for developing supervisors into leaders

Video: Watch the recorded webinar on

PDF: Download the webinar presentation slides

Qualfon White Paper
The Power of Retention: Maximizing Value in Centers of Excellence

High agent attrition rates are so common in contact centers today, but what amount of attrition is average and what isn’t? And, more importantly, what are the impacts of high attrition, and how can you reverse rapid agent turnover? Find out in the white paper, The Power of Retention: Maximizing Value in Centers of Excellence.

  • Learn what the average agent attrition and tenure rates are and the power these numbers hold
  • Hear the how companies obscure attrition rates and get best practices for your attrition calculations
  • See how tenure affects value, including costs, performance, and customer satisfaction
  • Learn what retention rates you need to really maximize value in the contact center
  • Explore the three levels of employee engagement and how to achieve them
  • See what programs and services separate employee loyalty leaders from laggards
  • Discover seven tips for boosting employee loyalty

Qualfon believes that complacency around high attrition rates is getting in the way of success. So, we’re exposing the problem and working to help companies overcome high attrition in the contact center environment. [/two_thirds]





Frost & Sullivan eBroadcast Recorded Webinar
The Power of Retention: Maximizing Value in Centers of Excellence

Frost and Sullivan Power of retentionHigh employee turnover in contact centers has almost become an acceptable practice, but companies that disregard high attrition pay heavily for it.

Frost & Sullivan, TouchCommerce, and Qualfon demonstrate the real-world effects of retention in the contact center and the dramatic impacts it has on both service quality and cost. Plus, they share some of the leading approaches for driving longer retention rates and employee engagement. During this complimentary eBroadcast, you will learn:

  • The industry average retention rate and the potential power it has over your operational success
  • How increased tenure affects performance, costs, and customer satisfaction
  • The three levels of employee engagement and how to achieve them
  • Seven tips to reduce attrition and boost employee loyalty

Don’t let acceptance and complacency around attrition rates get in the way of your customer experience. Listen in on the experiences of others and walk away with actionable strategies for your own organization.

Video: Watch the recorded webinar on

PDF: Read the Executive Summary

Nearshore Americas White Paper
Guyana: Well Positioned for Future Growth and Success

With a large English-speaking population and labor costs far below those in the Philippines, Guyana is well positioned to attract large foreign investment in its outsourcing industry.

This white paper from Nearshore Americas reveals the measures the government is taking in order to attract more direct foreign investment, open up the telecom sector, and leverage the political, economic, geographic and demographic advantages that Guyana enjoys. With the government investing generously in both people and infrastructure, Guyana’s future as an outsourcing destination is brightening by the day.

The nation’s biggest private sector employer is Qualfon, which recently began constructing one of the world’s largest contact center campuses that is expected to employ thousands of people. Qualfon’s rapid expansion underlines the growth potential Guyana offers.

Authored by Nearshore Americas’ Tim Wilson, the paper also examines the tax breaks and assistance that Guyana offers to foreign investors through GO-Invest, which acts as primary contact and can liaise with government departments, while also advising on incentives and regulations.


Nearshore Americas Report - Guyana: Well Positioned for Future Growth and Success eBook: Read the Nearshore Americas white paper on Guyana
PDF: Read the Nearshore Americas white paper on Guyana[/full]