Orangeburg, South Carolina

Service Expertise Meets Southern-Style Hospitality

Qualfon’s Orangeburg, South Carolina center offers a large employment pool and educated population in a region where Southern hospitality spawns top-quality service.

What Makes Orangeburg Unique for Outsourcing?

Large Employment Pool: Orangeburg has a population of 346,000 within a 40-mile radius, including ~50,000 college students.

Southern Hospitality Spawns Quality Service: Orangeburg embodies a friendly atmosphere of kindness, good will towards others, trust, and family values. This lifestyle often radiates through the voices of contact center agents, increasing the quality of the customer experience.

Educated People: 79% of the population has completed high school or higher and 19% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Easily Accessible: Orangeburg is 36 miles from Columbia Metropolitan Airport and 70 miles from Charleston International Airport.

Friendly and Safe Community: Crimes rates are comparable to San Antonio and Albuquerque.

Why Qualfon in Orangeburg

  • Employee Tenure: Qualfon’s agent retention is typically twice the industry average, which provides you more value with a higher quality customer experiences at a lower price
  • High Capacity with Room for Immediate Growth: Qualfon’s facility has a seat capacity of 241-300 and stands ready to take on your project
  • Award-Winning Performance: Qualfon has helped our clients win coveted customer service awards
  • Longevity and Sustainability: Qualfon has been operating high-quality programs since 1995
  • Experience and Tenured Leadership: Qualfon managers have deep BPO experience, including technical support and sales

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