Mexico City, Mexico

A Near-Shore Advantage with Multilingual Capabilities

Qualfon Mexico City has a history of 23 years serving customers across the American, Latin American, and Caribbean (CALA) regions.

What Makes Mexico City Mexico Unique for Outsourcing?

Access to Talent: Mexico City is a hotspot for outsourced services because of its sheer size. It’s the largest metropolitan area in the Western hemisphere and the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. It’s also home to the largest university in North America (305,969 students) and has 23 other colleges and universities.

Ease of Doing Business: The Mexican Federal Labor Laws are favorable to outsourcing with a 48-hour work week and pay-by-the-hour options.

Abundant Tech Skills: Mexico City is becoming a preferred near-shore location for outsourced technical support. According to Gartner and Nearshore Americas, Mexico is now the world’s fourth-largest producer of IT services—behind only India, the Philippines, and China. Mexico City is considered a tech hub and the country has a growing population of residents who are fluent in both English and IT.

The Near-Shore Advantage: Mexico City shares common time zones and cultural similarities with the U.S.; plus, it is readily accessible from most major cities. Mexico is also considerably less inflationary than other outsourcing locations and can reduce geographical risk for those already invested in India or Asia.

While far-off shores like Asia have long been a go-to destination for outsourcing, an increasing number of U.S. firms are now looking south to Mexico, for services ranging from application development to business process outsourcing to IT support—for a host of reasons that make sound economic and business sense.
-Nearshore Americas in a recently published white paper, Mexico: A Rising Nearshore Star

Why Qualfon in Mexico City, Mexico

  • Opportunity: Qualfon Mexico City offers companies a Latin American hub to serve customers in this growing region and provides large-scale English and Spanish services to both the U.S. and Canada
  • Total Value: Qualfon Mexico City is a premier near-shore location because of its scalable workforce, proven history of success, and industry-leading employee tenure rates that reduce costs  and enhance the customer experience
  • Longevity and Sustainability: Qualfon has been operating high-quality programs in Mexico City since 1995
  • Employee Tenure: Qualfon maintains a high employee tenure of 17 months and a significantly lower monthly attrition with an average of  5.5%
  • Experience and Tenured Leadership: Mexico City managers have an average tenure of  48 months with deep BPO experience, including technical support and sales
  • Strong Labor Pool: Qualfon’s Mexico City site is located one-half mile from Mexico’s largest university and just minutes away from five other colleges or universities
  • Reliable Technology: Qualfon’s Mexico City  location achieved a network reliability uptime  of 99.947% in 2012
  • Deep Cultural Expertise: Qualfon’s deep cultural knowledge helps clients address and serve the unique needs of customers in each country across Latin America

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