Dumaguete, Philippines

A Top BPO in the Provincial Philippines

With over 3,000 employees in this university town, Qualfon Dumaguete Philippines is one of the largest business process outsourcing (BPO) operations in the provincial Philippines.

What Makes Dumaguete Unique for Outsourcing?

Loads of Talent: As the “learning center of the South” Dumaguete is a talent hot spot with at least 14 highly respected educational institutions, a daytime population of 500,000, and another 1.2M people in nearby Negros Oriental.

A Top-10 Location: Dumaguete is ranked among the top 10 next wave cities for outsourcing by the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP). As smaller alternatives to Manila, next wave cities have modern infrastructure and a cost of living many times cheaper than Manila. Dumaguete offers a cost of living 40% cheaper than Manila and wages 10-15% lower. With significant cost savings and a large college-age population, Dumaguete offers a scalable and sustainable choice for outsourced services.

Provincial Advantages and the Importance of Attrition: Provincial towns offer clear cost advantages over metro locations, but success in these smaller towns is highly dependent on keeping employee attrition low. Many BPOs struggle to retain employees and literally churn through the population, failing to provide a sustainable operation for clients. In order to build a successful provincial strategy, companies must therefore work with a BPO partner that is a leader in employee retention and tenure.

Why Qualfon in Dumaguete, Philippines

  • Competitive Offerings: Qualfon Dumaguete’s high performance, competitive price, low attrition rates, and history of success make it a highly competitive  solution
  • Employee Tenure: Dumaguete agents have a tenure of 19 months and a significantly lower monthly attrition rate with an average of 4.59%
  • Award-Winning Performance: Qualfon Dumaguete is a top-performing center for a large J.D. Power-winning client
  • Experience and Tenured Leadership: Dumaguete managers have an average tenure of +80 months with deep BPO experience, including  technical support and sales
  • Longevity and Sustainability: Qualfon has been operating high-quality programs in Dumaguete since 2010
  • Sizable: With over 2,600 agents, Qualfon is one of the largest BPO operations in Dumaguete


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