Cebu, Philippines

The 2nd-Largest BPO in the 2nd-Largest City in the Philippines

With more than 3,800 employees, Qualfon Cebu Philippines is the second-largest business processing outsourcing (BPO) operation in the second-largest city in the Philippines.

What Makes Cebu Unique for Outsourcing?

[faqcontent]High Value: With a cost of living 30% cheaper than Manila and wages 15% lower, Cebu is a popular choice for companies looking to move away from the high costs associated with the big city. Cebu is an established BPO location with a large college population that exceeds 220,000, due to the 11 universities and 39 colleges in the immediate area. More than 23,000 students graduate annually. With its competitive costs and rich source of talent, Cebu offers the perfect balance between top-ranking skills and affordability.[/faqcontent]

Accessibility: Cebu is the most accessible place in the Philippines, with more domestic air and sea linkages than even Manila. From Manila, it takes just over one hour to get to Cebu by plane, and Qualfon’s Cebu center is 8.4 miles away from the Mactan Cebu International Airport. To get to Cebu from most U.S. cities, it takes approximately 19-24 hours.

Neutral Accent: The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking nation in the world. It’s a preferred BPO location because the neutral accent is more pleasing to consumers when compared to other foreign accents.

Why Qualfon in Cebu Philippines

  • Competitive Offerings: Qualfon Cebu’s high performance, competitive price, low attrition rates, and history of success make it a highly competitive BPO solution
  • Employee Tenure: Cebu agents have a tenure of 49.9 months and a significantly lower monthly attrition rate with an average of 3.29%
  • Award-Winning Performance: Qualfon Cebu is a top-performing center for a large, J.D. Power-winning client
  • Experience and Tenured Leadership: Cebu managers have an average tenure of +80 months
    with deep BPO experience, including technical support and sales
  • Longevity and Sustainability: Qualfon has been operating high-quality programs in Cebu since 2006
  • Sizable: Qualfon is the second-largest BPO operation in Cebu
  • Valued Clients: Qualfon Cebu is a large-scale operation with a small-scale environment, so clients receive the benefits of a leading BPO partner and still get the attention and VIP treatment they deserve


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