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What do the news outlets and industry analysts report about Qualfon? Here’s a library of recent news articles, videos, and third-party research reports that highlight Qualfon.


Qualfon Guyana Opens $5M Extension Campus at Providence

NS Article Touching Personal Lives

Qualfon Guyana today officially introduced the extension of the Providence Campus with the view of employing more Guyanese.

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Navigating the Risky Waters of Social Media Customer Service

NS Article Touching Personal Lives

Qualfon believes that one of the biggest challenges for social media customer service is that it is still developing, so the learning process is ongoing.

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Qualfon Opens 4th BPO here – in Manila

Manila Bulletin Article Qualfon Opens4thBPO

Based on its new “neighborhood strategy,” Qualfon has opened its fourth facility in the Philippines – its first in Manila.

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Touching Personal Lives in BPO Centers: The Real-World Experiences of a Chaplain

NS Article Touching Personal Lives

Enrique de la Cruz, a chaplain who works exclusively for Qualfon in Mexico City, describes his day-to-day activities and his support of the BPO team.

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Faces in the Crowd – Mariela Paredes

NS Article Faces in the crowd Mariela

As Qualfon‘s Mission Office Coordinator in Mexico City, Mariela Paredes has experienced a truly enjoyable career.

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How to Best Train BPO Supervisors

NS Article How to Train BPO Supervisors

With an all-in approach to training, Qualfon’s Leadership Academy gets mention in this article about best practices for training BPO and contact center supervisors.

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Faces in the Crowd: Qualfon Operations Manager Anthony Gibbons Makes Nearshore Work

Faces in the Crowd Article by Nearshore Americas 2

Anthony Gibbons never planned to work in BPO. He was a nurse with plans to become a doctor. But one day in 2006, after dropping his friend at the Qualfon office in Georgetown, Guyana, he went inside on a whim.

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Qualfon Opens its Doors, Introduces Staff to Community

Valley Morning Star Article - Qualfon Grand Opening

Qualfon held its grand opening and a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday, bringing members of the community to meet the staff and view the renovated facility on Haine Drive in Harlingen, Texas.


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Qualfon Opens New Campus Building

Qualfon Guyana Grand Opening Makes Nightly News in GeorgetownQualfon’s Guyana contact center campus grand opening ceremony makes TV news headlines in Georgetown, Guyana. HGPTV captures highlights from the ceremony’s speakers, including the President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar, Guyana’s Minister of Finance, Ashni Singh, and Nearshore America’s Founder and Managing Director, Kirk Laughlin.

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Is Outcome-Based Pricing in BPO Here to Stay? Qualfon’s CSO Explains the Trends

Outcome Based Pricing ArticleThe recent rise in the number of contracts containing outcome-based pricing models provides obvious benefits for buyers in the contact center industry. These agreements, which reward service providers for meeting specific objectives, can prove mutually beneficial by encouraging better results and enabling sellers to increase their earnings, but that is not always the case. Nearshore Americas explores the topic of outcome-based pricing with Qualfon Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Bob Dechant.

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The Caribbean Export Development Agency Explains Why Qualfon was Awarded the Foreign Investor of the Year Award

Winner of the Caribbean Export Foreign Investor of the Year Award 2013After awarding Qualfon with the Foreign Investor of the Year Award, the Caribbean Export Development Agency produced this video, which highlights Qualfon’s business and humanitarian investments that have generated a significant impact on jobs creation in the country of Guyana.

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Qualfon Listed as “Key Outsourcing Player” in the Mexico Market

NS Americas Video Image 2Nearshore Americas offers an overview of outsourcing in three key near-shore destinations, including the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Each segment offers the latest statistics, outsourcing providers, and drivers for that market. Qualfon is highlighted as a primary outsourcing service provider in the Mexico market.

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The Miami Herald’s Panorama Group Uncovers a Strong Business Environment for Outsourcing in Guyana, South America

Miami Harold ArticleEndorsing Guyana as one of the “most promising emerging markets in the Caribbean” Panorama, a publication distributed exclusively with The Miami Herald, explores Guyana’s open business culture, strong literacy rate, and the English-speaking population, all of which make it ripe for nurturing enterprise growth. As testament to Guyana’s ease of business, Qualfon’s CEO, Mike Marrow, explains how Qualfon was up and running in just a couple months.

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Nexus Interviews Qualfon’s CSO on the Next Big Opportunity in Nearshoring

Qualfon CSO explains the next big opportunity in nearshoringQualfon’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Bob Dechant, explains why near-shore countries are experiencing explosive outsourcing growth and what the next big opportunity is for this market. Plus, he sheds light on how Qualfon achieves employee tenure and attrition rates that are two times higher than the industry average.

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Mexico Agency Interviews Qualfon CEO on the Latin American Outsourcing Market

Mike IMT Interview thumbnailA Mexico organization that promotes the BPO industry in Mexico and leads foreign investment in outsourcing, interviews Qualfon CEO, Mike Marrow, on the local outsourcing market and the latest trends in Latin America.

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Qualfon Anticipates Future Growth and Builds Contact Center in Harlingen, Texas

Media Coverage NS on HarlingenOutsourcing giant Qualfon has announced that it is preparing to launch another contact center in the United States, hinting at plans to capitalize on the growing demand for bilingual voice services in North America.

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Frost & Sullivan Analyst Visits Guyana South America and Offers his Thoughts on Qualfon and the Outsourcing Industry Growth

Michael DeSallesHaving just visited Guyana, an often overlooked nation in South America, Michael DeSalles, Frost & Sullivan’s principal analyst in customer care, explained why he believes the country provides buyers of outsourced services with a fresh alternative to the traditional destinations.
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Nearshore Americas eBook Goes Deep on Guyana’s Outsourcing Industry and Highlights Qualfon

Nearshore Americas Report - Guyana: Well Positioned for Future Growth and Success An eBook written by outsourcing analysts at Nearshore Americas explains Guyana and its outsourcing environment:

  • Why Nearshore Americas says Guyana is a “desirable location for outsourcing”
  • Why labor market dynamics are highly favorable from a BPO perspective
  • Opportunities and challenges with Guyana’s transportation, technology, and infrastructure
  • The country of Guyana, its people, government, economy, and history
  • Guyana’s action plan and investment incentives

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Washington Diplomat eBook Shows Qualfon’s Role in Guyana’s Economic Development

Washington Diplomat Publication on GuyanaIntroducing the future vision and priorities for the economic development of Guyana, the Washington Diplomat packages articles about the organizations and decision makers who are leading this country in the areas of:

  • Communications
  • Power and infrastructure
  • Oil and gas
  • Banking and finance
  • Diplomacy and partnerships

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The Evolution of Nearshore Business Process Outsourcing

Bob Dechant and Nearshore Americas InterviewQualfon’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Bob Dechant, shares his experise and reflects on the key turning points in the near-shore business process outsourcing industry.

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Guyana’s Local TV Station Covers the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Qualfon’s Contact Center Campus in Georgetown

Video-PlaceholderGroundBreakQualfon will build one of the largest contact center campuses and expects to employ 6,000 people at this facility.

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Nearshore Americas Tours Qualfon Guyana and Finds “Some of the Longest Agent Tenure in the Region”

Nearshore Tours Qualfon Guyana 325 pxlsKirk Laughlin, Founder and CEO of Nearshore Americas, tours one of Qualfon’s contact centers in Georgetown and speaks with Qualfon’s top leaders along the way.

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