Qualfon History

Qualfon has been in the business of servicing our business process outsourcing (BPO) clients since our founding in 1995. We began as an IVR provider for clients—including a global stock exchange—and soon after partnered with companies like IBM and AT&T to provide sales and customer support for ISP services. From the beginning, we have focused on taking care of our people and, in return, they take great care of our clients and their customers. The performance of our people has made us one of the fastest-growing BPOs. Today, we have more than 16,500 employees servicing our international base of clients. We operate in the Philippines, Guyana, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States.

Qualfon History Timeline

In preparation for continued growth, our founder (and former CEO) Alfonso Gonzalez added key individuals to fulfill our mission of growth, excellence, and taking care of our people. In January of 2012, Mike Marrow joined our Qualfon family as our CEO and leader. Mike has a rich history in the BPO industry, including remarkable terms as CEO of APAC Customer Services and as managing director of Affiliated Computer Services’ Call Center Global Practice (now part of Xerox).

Roberto Sanchez Mejorada joined Qualfon in 2013. Mr. Sanchez-Mejorada is Qualfon’s Chief Mission Officer, and he spearheads programs that help Qualfon achieve its mission to make people’s lives better, including core values development and reinforcing the strong sense of social responsibility of the corporation and its people. In his previous roles, Mr. Sanchez-Mejorada was the Director of Communications and Institutional Development for Anáhuac University in Mexico City. As director, he led many initiatives that improved the quality of the university programs and expanded the facilities of Anahuac Campus. The main project to which he contributed with his alma mater was the capital campaign, “Proyeccion Anahuac,” that raised $70 million from different constituencies.

A History of Successful Acquisitions

December 2017: Qualfon Acquired Dialog Direct

In December of 2017, Qualfon acquired Dialog Direct, a BPO company based in Detroit, Michigan that provides lead generation, sales, customer support, and back-office services to more than 100 clients in the automotive, retail, financial services, healthcare, and consumer packaged goods industries. This acquisition added more than 3,500 employees with ten locations in the United States and one location in Costa Rica, an @home operation across the United States, and the capabilities to grow a client’s revenue and increase back-office efficiencies. It brought to Qualfon and our clients an end-to-end marketing solution that engages customers throughout their entire lifecycle by combining channels for data analytics, digital and direct mail, contact center services, mailroom, print, fulfillment, and eStore.

April 2016: Qualfon Acquired Culture.Service.Growth (CSG)

On April 1, 2016, Qualfon announced the acquisition of Culture.Service.Growth (CSG), a contact center services company based in San Antonio, Texas. CSG had 700 employees that offered customer service, sales, and back-office solutions to insurance, logistics, and retail clients. Qualfon acquired the company as part of its growth strategy to expand services in additional industries and add companies with a similar person-first culture. As a result of the CSG acquisition, Qualfon offers the following:

  • Added Expertise Expands Competency in Property & Casualty Insurance, Transportation & Logistics, and Retail Services
  • Expanded List of Top Brands
  • Qualfon’s Intelligent Global Footprint Expands CSG’s Delivery Platform

Februrary 2016: Qualfon Acquired InterMedi@ Marketing Solutions

On February 1, 2016, Qualfon announced the acquisition of Inter-Media Marketing, LLC, also known as InterMedi@ Marketing Solutions, (InterMedi@), a customer contact management solutions company that over the last 32 years has built an excellent reputation for top performance in the healthcare, travel and hospitality, and financial services industries. InterMedi@ operates as an integrated part of Qualfon, and as a result of the integration, Qualfon provides the following:

  • Added Expertise Creates Competency in Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, and Financial Services
  • Additional Contact Centers Strengthen Qualfon’s Intelligent Global Footprint
  • Expanded List of Top Brands


May 2014: Qualfon Acquired Center Partners

In May of 2014, Qualfon acquired Center Partners, a United States contact center company based in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Center Partners operates as an integrated part of Qualfon, and expanded Qualfon’s offerings and capabilities in the following areas:

  • A expanded and balanced global footprint of on-shore (30%), near-shore (20%) and off-shore (50%) delivery locations
  • Deep expertise in sales, care, technical support, and back-office processing services
  • Combined experience across multiple industries
  • An expanded portfolio of top-tier clients

March 2013: Qualfon Acquired Data Control Group

In March of 2013, Qualfon acquired Data Control Group (DCG), which is now Qualfon Data Services Group (DSG), specializing in back-office processing. This not only complemented Qualfon’s customer-facing services but expanded our geographies to the United States. Qualfon continues to search for companies and locations to add to our offerings to meet the needs of our growing client base.