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Many outsourcing and contact center services providers look alike. Here’s what differentiates Qualfon.


Qualfon Employees Stay Longer, Providing You a Higher Quality Service at a Lower Price

When it comes to outsourced services, employee engagement and tenure is what drives quality up and price down, and that is exactly what differentiates Qualfon. We achieve employee and agent retention rates that are twice the industry average, which creates more value for both our clients and their customers:

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Today, companies are looking for outsourcing alternatives to India, locations that complement existing Philippine operations, affordable Latin American and Caribbean service hubs, as well as service delivery excellence right here in the U.S.A. Qualfon’s global footprint of outsourcing locations covers it all with destinations that are strategically designed to deliver on client needs.

  • USA: From Washington to Colorado, and Texas, Qualfon’s onshore solutions span sales, service, and back-office processing
  • Metro Philippines: In Manila, Qualfon’s neighborhood strategy increases employee engagement, and in Cebum Qualfon is the 2nd-largest outsourcing operation
  • Provincial Philippines: With more than 3,000 employees, Qualfon is one of the largest outsourcing operations in Dumaguete
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: Qualfon has almost two decades of experience in Mexico City and is the largest business process outsourcing operating in Guyana—a native-English-speaking country on the Northern border of South America

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When you outsource critical parts of your business, you need a partner with a deep understanding of your business processes, your customers’ needs, your key performance indicators, and the best practices that help you achieve goals and save money. Since 1995, Qualfon has served international brands across many industries and markets. We offer a wealth of expertise in these industries and more:

  • Telecommunications
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Financial services
  • Mortgage and lending
  • Insurance[/two_thirds]






If you could hand pick your partner’s global executive team, you would probably want a team of experts who have worked for some of the largest outsourcing companies in the industry and have proven success in driving both solution innovation and performance in client programs. Well that’s us. Qualfon has a highly experienced leadership team with decades of experience working alongside some of the biggest movers and shakers in the business process outsourcing industry. Better still, Qualfon’s Leadership Academy actively invests in supervisors at all levels of the company, transforming managers in every department into true leaders.


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In today’s world, you never know if your new business partner is on the brink of extinction. Well, Qualfon is certainly not. We’re a financially sound partner with call centers and back-office processing facilities just waiting for your projects.

  • A privately held, financially strong company
  • Growing at a 36.85% CAGR since 2009
  • Building for the Future: Qualfon proactively invests in contact centers, so we stand ready to take on your business with available capacity and rapid-launch capabilities
  • Off-shore SG&A: Qualfon’s administrative and other functions are strategically placed in our sites around the world, where they can create cost advantages and help Qualfon deliver aggressive pricing


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Security and compliance are the name of the game, and each one of Qualfon’s centers is built for reliability, resiliency, and redundancy.

  • Qualfon operates on an Avaya technology platform (the most trusted platform in the industry) and maintains the latest Avaya products and software releases
  • Qualfon has its own, dedicated MPLS network and operates dual MPLS, which differentiates us from smaller service providers and ensures security, redundancy, and reliability
  • Qualfon’s integrated contact center platform supports CRM, IVR, voice, email, chat, social media, and offers quality monitoring and workforce management applications
  • Site physical security features include biometric scanners, security cameras, no paper, pen, cell phones or electronic storage
  • Our systems are tested regularly and recurrently
  • Certifications/Audits: PCI DSS v3 certified, SOC2 audited, and ISO27001 compliant

Tech Infrastructure


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Don’t you want to do business with a company that cares for people, families, and communities? Qualfon’s company mission is: Be the best BPO. Make people’s lives better. But we don’t just hang this statement on the wall–we act on it and measure it.

  • Qualfon designates a portion of its revenue to programs and services that support employees, their families, and the local communities in which we operate
  • The list of our caring programs and services is too long to list, but here’s a quick sample: free educational classes; free healthcare; chaplain services and personal counseling; onsite libraries; and community assistance programs that support the environment and people in need
  • We believe so strongly in our mission, that Qualfon has a Chief Mission Officer to ensure we really do make people’s lives better
  • Qualfon’s Mission Index measures our ability to make a difference in the world
  • It’s this mission statement that engages our employees and enables Qualfon to deliver superior services at a lower price

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