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Companies that partner with Qualfon achieve measurable results that support their biggest business goals.

Insurance Company More than Doubles NPS with Help from Qualfon

  • Goal: Make the policyholder experience less transactional and focused more on building relationships
  • A new 27-point conversation guide delivers a warmer experience, using soft skills to build rapport
  • Calls are now more like snowflakes—allowed to take a unique shape of their own
  • In a two-year timeframe, the insurance company moved from the bottom of the NPS rankings to being among the leaders with NPS scores above 40





Communication Company Competes on Customer Experience — Not Cost

  • Goal: Turn customer intelligence feedback data into a tactical plan to enhance the customer experience
  • Implemented a new customer experience process-management system based on Six Sigma best practices
  • Mapped out root cause challenges and created a variety of solutions implemented across the entire enterprise
  • Reduced customer churn by 30% and increased NPS to 70+, enabling the company to defend its market share





J.D. Power-Certified Service for the Largest Issuer of Visa and Mastercard

  • The account grew from 75 inbound sales agents to 1,100 agents across a variety of programs
  • Services included sales, customer retention and loyalty programs, activation services, high-value service upgrades, and more
  • Exceeded client performance expectations on day one
  • Outperformed the client’s internal call center
  • In 2011 and 2012, Qualfon achieved J.D. Power and Associates certification with this client for delivering “Outstanding Customer Service Experience”





Zulily: How Fast Things Can Go Right in Retail

  • Hear Zulily’s V.P. of Service Operations, Maureen Shea, tell her story
  • This rapid-launch project provided customer service via email
  • A project manager was assigned the next day
  • Within 72 hours service was live





Profitable Sales for a Leading Online Security Services Company

  • Increased sales by 3 percentage points
  • Reduced training time from 3 weeks to 6 days
  • When compared to two other outsourcing companies, Qualfon generated sales 3% higher than the competition
  • Consistently ranked #1 for sales and revenue per call
  • Sales success resulted in significant program growth, adding 4x more agents since the program launch





Specialty Insurance Provider Reduces the Number of Calls per Claim by 25-30%

  • Claims management services, customer retention programs, and back-office capabilities
  • Helps customers with product warranties, mobile protection services, and claims
  • Serves customers across Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, and Peru
  • More customer relationship management (CRM) system uptime thanks to Qualfon[/two_thirds][third]





Customer Acquisition Company Converts 20-30% of Latin American Calls into Sales

  • Sales conversion services with expertise serving the Latin American market in the communications industry
  • Cultural competency leads to more sales with conversion rates of 20-30% and higher
  • Qualfon’s strategic approach amplified revenue results, exceeding client expectations





Comprehensive Solutions for a Major Credit Card Company

  • Selected to completely overhaul the premier concierge service for superior experiences
  • The solution included curriculum development, call flow, QA, IVR, reporting, operational processes handbooks, standard customer communication templates, CSAT and ESAT surveys and more





Mortgage Services Provider Saves Millions and Gains a Competitive Edge

  • Back-office services and title and mortgage processing in the U.S., China, and the Philippines
  • Reduced error rates from  15% to 5%, slashing the number of costly claims for the client
  • Qualfon title examiners fill capability gaps and help the client reach new business opportunities





eCommerce Company Rapidly Launches Customer Service for Peak Holiday Season

  • Customer service via phone and email from Qualfon’s center in Guyana, South America
  • 4-week launch period delivered 120 agents ready to serve and boost sales during the holidays
  • Flex managers helped double operations to handle peak customer demands[/two_thirds][third]





Learning & Development: Improving Retention and Customer Loyalty

  • Designed a new curriculum to fill a knowledge gap around the competition
  • Agents gained skills needed to intelligently discuss competitive products with customers
  • Within four weeks, customer retention increased from 32% to 37%






Learning & Development: Saving Clients Money by Reducing Call-Handling Time

  • Conducted analysis to identify and directly address the drivers of higher call handling times
  • A hands-on learning lab allowed agents to troubleshoot and repair technical equipment
  • Reduced call handling time by 40 seconds, saved the client $40K and achieved ROI in one month





Operations and QA: Deeper Relationships Generate $56K in Sales

  • The goal: Create a customer-centric culture and deepen relationships with customers
  • Implement a revised call-handling process that empowered agents to be advisors
  • Upgrades (sales) improved by 21% and client revenue increased by $56,711 in 2013





Quality Assurance: Listening to the Voice of the Customer Improves CSAT

  • The goal: Exceed customer satisfaction expectations
  • Performed a thorough voice-of-the-customer survey and needs analysis
  • Used research findings to update processes and standards in order to deliver a superior experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction from 79% to 88%





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