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Companies that partner with Qualfon achieve measurable results that support their biggest business goals.

Insurance Company More than Doubles NPS with Help from Qualfon

  • Goal: Make the policyholder experience less transactional and focused more on building relationships
  • A new 27-point conversation guide delivers a warmer experience, using soft skills to build rapport
  • Calls are now more like snowflakes—allowed to take a unique shape of their own
  • In a two-year timeframe, the insurance company moved from the bottom of the NPS rankings to being among the leaders with NPS scores above 40

ins company case study thumbnail

Communication Company Competes on Customer Experience — Not Cost

  • Goal: Turn customer intelligence feedback data into a tactical plan to enhance the customer experience
  • Implemented a new customer experience process-management system based on Six Sigma best practices
  • Mapped out root cause challenges and created a variety of solutions implemented across the entire enterprise
  • Reduced customer churn by 30% and increased NPS to 70+, enabling the company to defend its market share 

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J.D. Power-Certified Service for the Largest Issuer of Visa and Mastercard

  • The account grew from 75 inbound sales agents to 1,100 agents across a variety of programs
  • Services included sales, customer retention and loyalty programs, activation services, high-value service upgrades, and more
  • Exceeded client performance expectations on day one
  • Outperformed the client’s internal call center
  • In 2011 and 2012, Qualfon achieved J.D. Power and Associates certification with this client for delivering “Outstanding Customer Service Experience”

Thumbnail Case Study Image Visa and MC Issuer


Zulily: How Fast Things Can Go Right in Retail

  • Hear Zulily’s V.P. of Service Operations, Maureen Shea, tell her story
  • This rapid-launch project provided customer service via email
  • A project manager was assigned the next day
  • Within 72 hours service was live 
Zulily Case Study 7-11-14

Profitable Sales for a Leading Online Security Services Company

  • Increased sales by 3 percentage points
  • Reduced training time from 3 weeks to 6 days
  • When compared to two other outsourcing companies, Qualfon generated sales 3% higher than the competition
  • Consistently ranked #1 for sales and revenue per call
  • Sales success resulted in significant program growth, adding 4x more agents since the program launch

Case Study Successful Sales for an Online Security Services Company

Specialty Insurance Provider Reduces the Number of Calls per Claim by

  • Claims management services, customer retention programs, and back-office capabilities
  • Helps customers with product warranties, mobile protection services, and claims
  • Serves customers across Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, and Peru
  • More customer relationship management (CRM) system uptime thanks to Qualfon
Case Study_Specialty Insurance Provider Image

Customer Acquisition Company Converts 20-30% of Latin American Calls into Sales

  • Sales conversion services with expertise serving the Latin American market in the communications industry
  • Cultural competency leads to more sales with conversion rates of 20-30% and higher
  • Qualfon’s strategic approach amplified revenue results, exceeding client expectations
Case Study_Customer Acquisition Company IMAGE

Comprehensive Solutions for a Major Credit Card Company

  • Selected to completely overhaul the premier concierge service for superior experiences
  • The solution included curriculum development, call flow, QA, IVR, reporting, operational processes handbooks, standard customer communication templates, CSAT and ESAT surveys and more

Thumbnail Case Study Credit Card Company

Mortgage Services Provider Saves Millions and Gains a Competitive Edge

  • Back-office services and title and mortgage processing in the U.S., China, and the Philippines
  • Reduced error rates from  15% to 5%, slashing the number of costly claims for the client
  • Qualfon title examiners fill capability gaps and help the client reach new business opportunities
Case Study, Mortgage Services Providers

eCommerce Company Rapidly Launches Customer Service for Peak Holiday Season

  • Customer service via phone and email from Qualfon’s center in Guyana, South America
  • 4-week launch period delivered 120 agents ready to serve and boost sales during the holidays
  • Flex managers helped double operations to handle peak customer demands
eCommerce Company Case Study

Learning & Development: Improving Retention and Customer Loyalty

  • Designed a new curriculum to fill a knowledge gap around the competition
  • Agents gained skills needed to intelligently discuss competitive products with customers
  • Within four weeks, customer retention increased from 32% to 37%

Improving Retention and Customer Loyalty

Learning & Development: Saving Clients Money by Reducing Call-Handling Time

  • Conducted analysis to identify and directly address the drivers of higher call handling times
  • A hands-on learning lab allowed agents to troubleshoot and repair technical equipment
  • Reduced call handling time by 40 seconds, saved the client $40K and achieved ROI in one month

Saving Clients Money by Reducing AHT

Operations and QA: Deeper Relationships Generate $56K in Sales

  • The goal: Create a customer-centric culture and deepen relationships with customers
  • Implement a revised call-handling process that empowered agents to be advisors
  • Upgrades (sales) improved by 21% and client revenue increased by $56,711 in 2013

Deeper Relationships Generate $56K in Sales

Quality Assurance: Listening to the Voice of the Customer Improves CSAT

  • The goal: Exceed customer satisfaction expectations
  • Performed a thorough voice-of-the-customer survey and needs analysis
  • Used research findings to update processes and standards in order to deliver a superior experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction from 79% to 88%

 Quality Assurance: Listening to the Voice of the Customer Improves CSAT

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