Site Leadership Team

Site Leadership Team at a Glance

Courtney Bissett – Vice President of Operations, Philippines

Steve Brown – Site Director, Cebu, Philippines

Manuel Gualberto P. Alcobendas II – Site Director, Manila, Philippines

David Bruce Jackson, Sr.– Site Director, Dumaguete, Philippines

Jan Ranny Aquino – Site Director, Dumaguete, Philippines

Shayne Farrell – Vice President of Operations, Guyana

Mark VanderPloeg – Site Director, Providence, Guyana

Glenn McCormack – Site Director, Providence II, Guyana

Shem Erskine – Sr. Site Manager, Georgetown North, Guyana

Erick Mendez – Site Director, Mexico City, Mexico

Tracy Beck – Vice President of Operations, Coeur d’ Alene, Hayden, Johnstown and Orangeburg, USA

Antonio Malone – Site Director, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Graham Johnson – Site Director, Coeur d’ Alene and Post Falls, Idaho, USA

Matt Clark – Site Director Hayden, Idaho, USA

Matt LaFollette – Site Director Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Russel Stanley – Director of Operations, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Scott Peterson – Site Director Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

Philip Cook – Site Director, Harlingen, Texas, USA

Site Leadership Team


Courtney Bissett

Vice President of Operations,  Philippines

Leads Qualfon’s operations in the Philippines

Courtney brings over two decades of sales, marketing, and operations experience to our organization. Most recently, she served as VP of Client Delivery, managing 1,800 agents across five countries. In 2016, her client recognized Courtney’s team as the Vendor of the Year. Courtney has managed substantial teams and centers representing top-tier clients. Courtney attributes her success in this industry to the commitment she makes to developing and supporting her people.

While she hails from Southern California, Courtney is a ten-year resident of the Philippines who already considers herself a local and deeply enjoys the country’s gorgeous beaches and warm, family-oriented feel.

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Site Director Cebu 2017

Steve Brown

Site Director, Cebu, Philippines

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Cebu

Since 1995, Mr. Brown has held different director and division vice president roles at some of the leading business process outsourcing (BPO) companies across the U.S. and the Philippines, making him one of Qualfon’s best in-house experts on Philippine contact center operations and customer experience excellence. For Qualfon clients, Mr. Brown has been instrumental in launching successful operations and has led significant performance improvements in the areas of revenue management, process re-engineering, and growth management.

Born in the United States, Mr. Brown has a bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration and an MBA. A retired United States Navy Officer, he was stationed in the Philippines from 1987 to 1994, and returned there in 2002.

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Site Director Manila 2017

Manuel Gualberto P. Alcobendas II

Site Director, Manila, Philippines

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Manila

Mr. Alcobendas has more than ten years of leadership experience in contact centers in the Philippines and consistently works to drive a culture that places clients and their customers at the forefront of all business strategies, plans, and processes.

In previous roles, Mr. Alcobendas held site director and senior leadership positions at IBEX Global and APAC Customer Services. Customer service awards from JD Powers and The Stevie Awards, as well as management and leadership excellence awards from previous employers dot his resume. Mr. Alcobendas attributes this recognition to his open working environment that ensures the free flow of information, full disclosure and transparency, and setting clear goals and expectations. Mr. Alcobendas holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Saint Francis of Assisi College, Philippines.

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Site Director Dumaguete 2017

David Bruce Jackson, Sr.

Site Director, Dumaguete, Philippines

Leads Qualfon’s Business Unit I operations in Dumaguete

Mr. Jackson has over 20 years of leadership experience, including 11 years in the BPO industry, overseeing contact center operations in the Philippines. Working for companies in the financial services, telecommunications, and travel and hospitality industries, he brings a wealth of operational expertise and exceptional leadership to Qualfon.

Most recently, Mr. Jackson held the role of VP and Philippines country head at Serco Global Solutions and, for over nine years, had been managing Philippine sites for eTelecare and VXI Global Solutions. Additionally, he has worked with Citigroup and served for four years as the VP of Customer Service, Real Estate Division. He also spent four years at MCI leading the sales and customer service departments. With a history of client accounts spanning American Express, Barclays (UK), XOOM, AT&T, Vonage, DirecTV, Google, and Hilton Worldwide, Mr. Jackson is recognized for a wide array of capabilities. He is strongly committed to serving the local community and is known for his avid volunteerism serving indigent populations.

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Jan Ranny Aquino

Site Director, Dumaguete, Philippines

Leads Qualfon’s Business Unit III operations in Dumaguete

Mr. Aquino brings over 14 years of progressive leadership experience in the eCommerce, Telco, Healthcare, and Financial Services verticals, supporting operations and functional-support teams in Training, Quality, and Recruitment.

Reporting directly to Mr. Aquino are Qualfon Dumaguete’s program and department heads. In this role, he is in charge of the overall management, engagement, and ownership of all Group 3 Operations on site.

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Shayne Farrell

Vice President of Operations, Guyana, Fort Collins, Idaho Falls, Harlingen, Mexico, and San Antonio

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Guyana, Fort Collins, Idaho Falls, Harlingen, Mexico, and San Antonio

Shayne’s extensive experience in the BPO industry, coupled with his outstanding performance as the VP of Operations in his current role, provide an excellent foundation of leadership for our sites in the western U.S., Mexico, and Guyana, as well as Qualfon’s targeted growth strategies for these areas. Shayne’s influence and guidance has led our efforts to be the best BPO and to make people’s lives better in sites across these multiple locations.

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Site Director Guyana VanderPloeg 2017

Mark VanderPloeg

Site Director, Providence, Guyana

Leads Qualfon’s contact center in Providence, Guyana

Mr. VanderPloeg has been in the contact center field for over 20 years and has successfully led many centers to new levels of excellence. He has now brought these achievements to Guyana. He started his career in accounts receivable management and has held senior leadership positions in sales and client services, as well as back office and business process outsourcing. He has worked in Canada as an executive in operations for several well-known North American companies and, most recently, as a consultant in the Dominican Republic. Mr. VanderPloeg has served on the board of several trade groups and brings with him a winning attitude, confident that future successes will emanate from the groups he leads. He fosters an open and transparent work environment for all of those around him and drives his reports to achieve success at work, as well as in all aspects of their lives. Mr. VanderPloeg attended the University of Manitoba and studied accountancy at Canada’s McMaster University, where he studied advanced mathematics.

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Glenn McCormack

Site Director, Providence II, Guyana

Leads Qualfon’s contact center in Providence II, Guyana

In 2004, Mr. McCormack joined AOL, LLC as vice president and general manager. In this role, he managed all Member Services operations for AOL Canada and assisted in managing Member Services operations in the U.S., while securing revenue-generating programs driving the Member Services sites from pure cost centers to revenue generating sites. Near the end of 2007, Mr. McCormack pursued a new challenge and moved to Sacramento, California, where he joined GoAmerica as vice president of operations in the business of VRS (Video Relay Services). There, he concentrated on global customer service; technical support; outsourcing; vendor partnerships; and onshore, near shore, and offshore operations. In December 2011, Mr. McCormack returned to Canada and was engaged by Reliance Protectron (2011 – 2015) and Sitel (2015 – 2016) to lead transformations of their respective contact center operations. He delivered measurable impact on customer care, accounts receivable, and offshore and virtual contact center operations, while directing an +800-seat site and powering best-in-class customer service for industry-leading clients.

Mr. McCormack is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison by way of Nova Scotia, Canada. He received his bachelor’s in International Business in 1992 and earned his MBA in 1998 from the University of Wisconsin.

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Shem Erskine

Sr. Site Manager, Georgetown North, Guyana

Leads Qualfon’s contact center in Georgetown, Guyana

Mr. Erskine has worked in the telecommunications industry for the past 10 years, including eight years in contact center operations. He started his career as a call center agent in 2007 and has since held management roles for most of his career in areas including customer services, ICT, mobile advertising, sales, and client relations. His specialties include revenue enhancement initiatives and process improvement projects that deliver value to the client and customer experience.

Mr. Erskine holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Guyana and speaks Spanish as a second language.

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Erick Mendez

Site Director, Mexico City, Mexico

Leads Qualfon’s contact center in Mexico City, Mexico

Mr. Mendez brings more than 12 years of experience with sales, customer service, and collections expertise in the North American and LATAM markets. His previous career as an operations manager followed service delivery roles with financial accountability for multiple environments in the Consumer, Financial, and Travel & Leisure verticals. He also had the opportunity to work in Central America in diverse roles, such as sales account manager, which led him to become operations director in charge of client relations, sales, customer service, and the financial accountability of several line of businesses. With success, Mr. Mendez became the strategic account management director in the same company and his experience took him to work with Philippines, LATAM, and North America regions with an average of 1,900 FTEs.

With a languages degree as background, Mr. Mendez holds an MBA from the Escuela Bancaria y Comercial in Mexico City. His main values are oriented to caring for people and the development to his team.

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Tracy Beck

Vice President of Operations, for Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Johnstown and Orangeburg, USA

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Johnstown and Orangeburg, USA

Tracy is an experienced professional with a combined focus on operational and client services growth support in the call center industry. Her previous roles have led her to support the call center industry focused on telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, publishing, and hospitality.

Tracy’s specialty in organizational development, rapid client growth, workforce management, performance management, client relations, recruiting, offshore/nearshore management, back office, chat, and retention brings positive support to the Qualfon family. Her experience in operations management is extensive, including operational performance analysis, coaching and development of exempt and non-exempt staff, P&L management, and multi-channel/multi-client call centers.

Tracy resides in Galesville, Wisconsin. She is involved in local charities, the Hunger Task Force, and Cancer research. In her free time, Tracy enjoys spending time with her 14 nieces and nephews; supporting her home team, the Green Bay Packers; and traveling.

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Site Director Fort Collins

Antonio Malone

Site Director, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Colorado

Mr. Malone has been in the contact center industry for nearly 15 years with experience managing customer care programs and client service operations across many industries. He has a vast knowledge in contact centers, customer relations and satisfaction, business plans, staff development, technical support, telephone skills, training programs, and more. Mr. Malone holds a master’s degree in management and leadership from Webster University and a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies from the University of Memphis.

Mr. Malone is a strategic leader with proven capabilities in developing valuable relationships that work to creatively resolve complex issues and build environments focused on continued improvement. He is constantly looking for opportunities to create a unique and satisfying work atmosphere where employees are challenged, rewarded, and have the opportunity to gain career and life enhancing experiences.

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Site Director IDAHO US

Graham Johnson

Site Director, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, USA

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Idaho

Mr. Johnson has been working in the contact center industry for 14 years, and as site director in Qualfon’s Northern Idaho contact centers, he works diligently to strengthen relationships with clients, as well as with employees. Mr. Johnson’s experience and leadership skills serve a true example of hard work and dedication for all new and tenured employees.

In his previous experience with Center Partners, Mr. Johnson gained diverse management experience including director and senior supervisory roles overseeing call center service delivery, particularly in the Telecommunications and Insurance industries. In 2012, he was fully responsible for the analytics and dialing strategies for all outbound programs.

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Site Director Matt Clark 2017

Matt Clark

Site Director, Hayden, Idaho, USA

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Idaho and Washington

Fourteen years ago, Mr. Clark began his contact center career in the Northern Idaho area and, today, he serves as the site director for Qualfon’s contact center in Hayden. Mr. Clark is known for leading sites to becoming the top-performing centers in the clients’ vendor networks and is accomplished in using his experience-rich background to drive employees to success at work and in life.

While working for Center Partners, Mr. Clark quickly established himself as an organizational leader and distinguished himself in a number of director roles, including quality assurance, back-office processes, and inbound sales and support. Leveraging those experiences, Mr. Clark became the account director responsible for the entirety of the largest client relationship within the organization.

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Matt LaFollette

Site Director, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Mr. LaFollette began working with Qualfon in 2002. Throughout his tenure, he has served in various capacities, including his current position as the site director of Qualfon Johnstown, PA. His portfolio with Qualfon include sales, Talent Acquisition, Quality Assurance, and I.T. Mr. LaFollette has both spearheaded and supported numerous projects requiring strategic thinking and a high level of motivation and leadership skills, including the structuring and implementation of the training, licensing, compliance required to enable Qualfon to onboard hundreds of licensed insurance agents, driving the mission for both Qualfon and their partners.

Prior to starting his career at Qualfon, Matt learned his customer service and management skills earning Top Ten status at the twenty-five-hundred-member MCIWorldcom of Southwest Missouri. He also enjoys hiking, biking, and on occasion, a cold brew of his own making.

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Russel Stanley

Director of Operations, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Leads Qualfon’s operations in San Antonio, Texas, USA

Mr. Stanley has over 20 years of BPO/Call Center experience. He has worked with multiple clients, managing multiple accounts for Fortune 500 companies in the Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, On-line Services and Sales, Health Insurance, Logistics, Information Technology, and Utilities sectors.

Mr. Stanley has filled diverse roles in his twenty years in the BPO, ranging from operations management, sales, work force management, client services, and project planning. He has experience in working with many different cultures and has led start-up projects in many locations around the globe. He maintains high performance standards through a balanced approach of accountability, motivation, team work, and loyalty. Mr. Stanley has won awards for management and leadership, and his centers have won awards for top performance.

Mr. Stanley has the ability to build relationships and motivate at all levels. He works closely with all team members to ensure success, including agents, management, and customers. While not at work, Mr. Stanley enjoys his family, traveling, sports, and reading.

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Scott Peterson

Site Director, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Mr. Peterson started with Center Partners in 1999 and has since held many roles at multiple different levels. Most recently, he has been serving Qualfon as the site director for Qualfon Idaho Falls. Mr. Peterson has helped lead the site through the transition from Center Partners to Qualfon. He has helped Qualfon install processes and initiatives that have supported improvement in all measurable areas and has created a stable platform for Idaho Falls to leverage during its continued success.

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Philip Cook

Site Director, Harlingen, Texas

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Harlingen

With more than ten years of contact center sales and operations experience, as well as proven success managing 120 different clients across multiple locations, Mr. Cook brings a wealth of leadership to the Qualfon team. Some of his achievements include earning 2016’s #1 Call Center Rating from Top Ten Reviews and building industry-leading customer interactions through start-up ventures and high-growth cycles.

Prior to Qualfon, Mr. Cook served as call center director for All West Call Centers and has held leadership roles in multiple other BPO companies, as well. He is known for delivering record-breaking revenue and profit gains within highly competitive sales markets. He is passionate about managing operations by improving processes and procedures that drive performance and profitability. Mr. Cook holds a bachelor’s degree in business and an MBA in business management, both from the University of Phoenix.

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