Site Leadership Team

Site Leadership Team at a Glance

Steve Brown – Site Director, Cebu, Philippines

Manuel Gualberto P. Alcobendas II – Site Director, Manila, Philippines

David Bruce Jackson, Sr.– Site Director, Dumaguete, Philippines

Mark VanderPloeg – Site Director, Providence, Guyana

Scott Warner – Site Director, Georgetown North, Guyana

Antonio Malone – Site Director, Fort Collins, CO, USA

Graham Johnson – Site Director, Coeur d’ Alene and Post Falls, Idaho, USA

Matt Clark – Site Director Hayden, ID, USA

Matthew Carleton – Site Director Liberty Lake, WA, USA

Jamil Ahmad – Site Director, Harlingen, Texas

Alberto Amezcua – Site Director, Mexico City, Mexico

Site Leadership Team


Site Director Cebu 2017

Steve Brown

Site Director, Cebu, Philippines

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Cebu

Since 1995, Mr. Brown has held different Director and Division Vice President roles at some of the leading business process outsourcing (BPO) companies across the U.S. and the Philippines, making him one of Qualfon’s best in-house experts on Philippine contact center operations and customer experience excellence. For Qualfon clients, Mr. Brown has been instrumental in launching successful operations and has lead significant performance improvements in the areas of revenue management, process re-engineering, and growth management.

Born in the United States, Mr. Brown has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. A retired United States Navy Officer, he was stationed in the Philippines from 1987 to 1994, and he returned to the Philippines in late 2002.

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Site Director Manila 2017

Manuel Gualberto P. Alcobendas II

Site Director, Manila, Philippines

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Manila

Mr. Alcobendas has more than ten years of leadership experience in contact centers in the Philippines and consistently works to drive a culture that places clients and their customers at the forefront of all business strategies, plans, and processes.

In previous roles, Mr. Alcobendas held site director and senior leadership positions at IBEX Global and APAC Customer Services. Customer service awards from JD Powers, and The Stevie Awards as well as management and leadership excellence awards from previous employers dot his resume. Mr. Alcobendas attributes this recognition to his open working environment that ensures the free flow of information, full disclosure and transparency, and setting clear goals and expectations. Mr. Alcobendas holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Saint Francis of Assisi College, Philippines.

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Site Director Dumaguete 2017

David Bruce Jackson, Sr.

Site Director, Dumaguete, Philippines

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Dumaguete I and II 

Mr. Jackson has 20+ years of leadership experience, including 11 years in the BPO industry, overseeing contact center operations in the Philippines. Working for companies in the financial services, telecommunications, and travel and hospitality industries, he brings a wealth of operational expertise and exceptional leadership to Qualfon.

Most recently, Mr. Jackson held the V.P. and Philippines Country Head role at Serco Global Solutions, and over the past nine years he has been managing Philippine sites for eTelecare and VXI Global Solutions. Additionally, he has worked with Citigroup and served four years as the V.P. of Customer Service, Real Estate Division. He also spent four years at MCI leading the sales and customer service departments. With a history of client accounts spanning American Express, Barclays (UK), XOOM, AT&T, Vonage, DirecTV, Google, and Hilton Worldwide, Mr. Jackson is recognized for a wide array of capabilities. He is strongly committed to serving the local community and is known for his avid volunteerism serving indigent populations.

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Site Director Guyana VanderPloeg 2017

Mark VanderPloeg

Site Director, Providence, Guyana

Leads Qualfon’s contact center in Providence, Guyana

Mr. VanderPloeg has been in the contact center field for over 20 years and has successfully led many centers to new levels of excellence. He has now brought these achievements to Guyana. He started his career in accounts receivable management and has held senior leadership positions in sales, client services as well back office and business process outsourcing. He has worked in Canada as an executive in operations for several well-known North American companies and most recently as a consultant in the Dominican Republic. Mr. VanderPloeg has served on the board of several trade groups and brings with him a winning attitude, confident that future successes will emanate from the groups he leads. He fosters an open and transparent work environment for all of those around him and drives his reports to achieve success at work as well as in all aspects of their lives. Mr. VanderPloeg attended the University of Manitoba and studied accountancy and McMaster University in Canada where he studied advanced mathematics.

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Site Director Guyana 2017

Scott Warner

Site Director, Georgetown North, Guyana

Leads Qualfon’s contact center in Georgetown, Guyana

Mr. Warner has been working in the business process outsourcing industry for more than 20 years and uses his expertise to consistently exceed client expectations at Qualfon. His previous success managing voice, email, chat service, and back-office processing programs provides him with a wealth of knowledge to ensure seamless operations for client programs.

Mr. Warner has led and directed contact centers across Malaysia, Nicaragua, and the Philippines and has managed as many as 3,000 agents. Mr. Warner has worked for several other BPO companies, including 24/7, SRG Asia Pacific, as well as Alorica.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Utah.

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Site Director Fort Collins

Antonio Malone

Site Director, Fort Collins, Colorado

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Colorado

Mr. Malone has been in the contact center industry for nearly 15 years with experience managing customer care programs and client service operations across many industries. He has a vast knowledge in contact centers, customer relations and satisfaction, business plans, staff development, technical support, telephone skills, training programs and more. Mr. Malone holds a master’s degree in management and leadership from Webster University and a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies from the University of Memphis.

Mr. Malone is a strategic leader with proven capabilities in developing valuable relationships that work to creatively resolve complex issues and build environments focused on continued improvement. He is constantly looking for opportunities to create a unique and satisfying work atmosphere where employees are challenged, rewarded, and have the opportunity to gain career and life enhancing experiences.

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Site Director IDAHO US

Graham Johnson

Site Director, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, USA

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Idaho

Mr. Johnson has been working in the contact center industry for 14 years, and as Site Director in Qualfon’s Northern Idaho contact centers, he works diligently to strengthen relationships with clients as well as with employees.  Mr. Johnson’s experience and leadership skills serve a true example of hard work and dedication for all new and tenured employees.

In his previous experience with Center Partners, Mr. Johnson gained diverse management experience including director and senior supervisor roles overseeing call center service delivery particularly in the telecommunications and insurance industries.  In 2012, he was fully responsible for the analytics and dialing strategy for all outbound programs.

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Site Director Matt Clark 2017

Matt Clark

Site Director, Hayden, Idaho, USA

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Idaho and Washington

Fourteen years ago, Mr. Clark started his contact center career in the Northern Idaho area, and today he serves as the site director for Qualfon’s contact centers in Hayden, ID and Liberty Lake, WA. Mr. Clark is known for leading sites to become the top performing centers in the client’s vendor network and is accomplished in using his experience-rich background to drive employees to success at work and also in life.

While working for Center Partners, Mr. Clark quickly established himself as an organizational leader and distinguished himself in a number of director roles, including quality assurance, back-office processes, and inbound sales and support. Leveraging those experiences, Mr. Clark became the account director responsible for the entirety of the largest client relationship within the organization.

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Matt Carleton

Matthew Carleton

Site Director, Liberty Lake, Washington, USA

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Liberty Lake

In the industry for over 18 years, Mr. Carleton has extensive experience in contact center sales, customer service, and facility management. His approach to business includes a focus on servant leadership, leadership training, and teambuilding. Having been previously employed at Qualfon for 14 years, Mr. Carleton has strong relationships with many employees and understands the Spokane Valley culture.

Passionate about civil rights, social action, and providing humanitarian assistance for natural disaster victims, Mr. Carleton’s personal interests align with Qualfon’s mission to “Be the best BPO. Make people’s lives better.” He is a 12-year veteran of the Armed Forces, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in General Management from Central Missouri University and an associate’s degree in Accounting from The College of Southern Idaho.

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Site Director Harlingen 2017

Jamil Ahmad

Site Director, Harlingen, Texas

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Harlingen

Mr. Ahmad is a call center professional with over 13 years of leadership and developmental practice including nine years of contact center and account management experience overseeing multimillion-dollar operations and budgets. He has years of leadership and development experience designing and facilitating training material for all levels of a Fortune 200 company and has been successful in overseeing large contact center operations with over 700 employees, 10 operation managers, and 45 supervisors.

Prior to joining Qualfon, Mr. Ahmad worked for Dish Network succeeding through the ranks as Operations Supervisor, Sales and Retention Trainer, and Sr. Operations Manager. He brings a long list of achievements and expertise to Qualfon, including revamping policies, procedures, and enhancing the overall work environment including morale, as well as KPI improvement strategies that deliver on client needs. Mr. Ahmad is also working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Business at Independence University and expects to graduate in March 2017.

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Site Director Mexico 2017

Alberto Amezcua

Site Director, Mexico City, Mexico

Leads Qualfon’s operations in Mexico

With a 17-year history in the BPO industry in Mexico, Mr. Amezcua leads Qualfon Mexico with experience in operations management, implementing productivity improvements, process re-engineering, and operational efficiencies.

Mr. Amezcua has a tenured career history at Telvista, where he was responsible for managing multiple national and international clients and overseeing two sites in Mexico City. As a results-driven team player, Amezcua’s focus on people and process efficiencies contributes largely to Qualfon’s success. He has studied electronics engineering and business management and recently earned a bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration from Universidad Latino Americana.

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