December 7, 2011

December 7, 2011 — Qualfon, a leading business process outsourcing and call center service provider, announced today it has received the prestigious Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association’s (GMSA) President Award for Pioneering Cross Border Trade in Skills within the ICT Services Sector. The award recognizes Qualfon as the first company in Guyana to embark on such an initiative with neighboring Brazil to promote cross border trade in skills. This endeavor is expected to accelerate and encourage more cross border trade for goods and services among the other sectors.

“We are honored to be recognized with the GMSA’s President Award and look forward to continuing our shared commitment in pioneering cross border trade in skills within the ICT Services Sector,” said Luanna Persaud, the country director for Qualfon Guyana. “This award reinforces Qualfon’s commitment to the value of high performance and Right Sourcing Model designed to align the individual needs of each client.”

The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association Limited has established itself as the organization recognized by private firms and Guyana ‘s government as the body for consultation on matters regarding Guyana ‘s manufacturing sector and more recently its growing services sub-sector. Qualfon is one of the largest employers in Guyana. Qualfon Guyana’s representative in the GSMA was elected to their Board of Directors and Chairs the Services Sub- Sector within the GMSA.

Since 1996, Qualfon has been dedicated to its mission to be the preferred business processes outsourcing (BPO) and call center provider for each client by operating with ethical values, top ranking performance, and below market pricing. Qualfon is a different kind of BPO because of the unique combination of values, performance, and price. Qualfon employs more than 8,500 people worldwide and currently operates contact centers in Mexico, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Guyana.

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September 16, 2011

Qualfon is the third largest employer in Guyana and its president has greatly assisted in our expansion. That is why Qualfon honored the president and recognized world strategic economist, Bharrat Jagdeo, during the President’s Appreciation Day held Friday, September 16, 2011, at the National Stadium, Providence. The event is the first of its kind in the country to pay tribute to a President for his contributions to country’s development.

Qualfon’s Award bore the Greek symbol for authority on one side while the country’s national symbol, the Coat of Arms, adorned the top of the other side flanked by the Qualfon Logo and special inscription of recognition and gratitude. This award was presented at a gathering of over 20,000 Guyanese from all walks of life which included members of the diplomatic community. Qualfon’s token was remarkably outstanding and highlights of the presentation were made in sections of the local media.

Miss Luanna Persaud, Call Center Manager for Qualfon Guyana, expressed her gratitude while presenting the award with the inscription that bore the words “In my job, I found a new way of serving others. By doing so, I also found a new way of serving and loving without limits. The large Qualfon family acknowledges your contribution to the ICT Sector and salutes your experience and remarkable efforts in nation building through the years. Thanks for being part of this great dream!”

Qualfon continues to expand its operations in Guyana, and the President of Guyana provides great leadeship for the development of many industries. Guyana is of high interest to many United States companies seeking call center support because of its accessible location in South America and its high quality of English speaking workforce, with pricing that is similar to the Philippines.

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