With a Kind Heart and a Smile, Qualfon Volunteers Support Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico

May 8, 2017

By Kaycie Miller

Qualfon Support for 2040 Cuatro Cienegas PlanQualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, and several employee volunteers spent one week in Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, Mexico assisting the local community with a variety of service projects. The effort supported the Cuatro Cienegas 2040 Plan which, much like Qualfon’s company mission, aims to make peoples’ lives better.

Eight Qualfon volunteers and five of their family members spent Holy Week in Cuatro Cienegas, painting a chapel and assisting with medical care. The team worked largely in partnership with the Juventud y Familia Misionera, an international organization of Catholic youth and families that has been supporting Cuatro Cienegas for many years. Qualfon has been regularly assisting with the plan, and the April trip is one of the largest employee group efforts thus far.

Photo at Right: Volunteers Lyman Baete, Kassandra Romo, Brooke Skurupey, Jason Skurupey, Alicia McMichael-MGyamfi, Kaycie Miller, and Madell Kennedy stand outside the freshly painted chapel in Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico

“I hope that the little I’ve been able to do in one week transcends in other people. I know that the heartfelt, passionate, faithful people of Cuatro Cienegas will continue this work. I want to thank these people from the bottom of my heart for this incredible experience,” said Jason Skurupey, Qualfon USA Country Manager of Mission Programs.

Of the 13,013 residents in Cuatro Cienegas, 1,482 of them do not have access to medical services and 43.7% live in poverty. The 2040 Plan, created by the townspeople, seeks to help everyone in Cuatro Cienegas have “a good and healthy personal and family life, receive a quality education, and find a decent job.” The plan also focuses on children born in Cuatro Cienegas in 2017 and thereafter, aiming to give personal attention to every child by working with their parents “to bring about a better future in every aspect of their lives” and by empowering them to achieve their dreams by the year 2040.

Qualfon Mission Coordinator Kassandra Romo said, “Working with and getting to know the children of Cuatro Cienegas takes me back to where I’m from. I feel like I was able to give so much, but I also got so much from this experience in return—getting to know the children helps me to also know myself better.”

Qualfon employee volunteer paints the chapel in Cuatro Cienegas

Qualfon employee volunteer Madell Kennedy paints the chapel

Volunteers were welcomed into the community and into the homes of the local people. In many cases, the townspeople worked alongside volunteers to lend a hand in making positive progress.

Qualfon Higher Education Manager Lyman Baete said, “I’ll take many great experiences back home with me, but what I value the most is the memory of truly being in service to  others. It doesn’t take grand gestures or grand ideas to really serve people. The people here taught me that to serve with a kind heart and a smile is all that’s needed.”

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