Qualfon Trainer Certification Goes Virtual, Enhancing Efficiency and Collaboration

February 27, 2017

Virtual Train sliderQualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, is now using a virtual platform to deliver its Training Certification program, reducing costs and allowing attendees to better collaborate and network across multiple locations.

“Teaching is a skill that is extremely important at Qualfon. Whether it’s our new-hire trainers onboarding new employees or our Qualfon University trainers providing leadership courses, this helps us deliver superior service to our clients and customers,” explained Jeremy Lunnen, Leadership Development Programs Manager, Qualfon.

Qualfon Trainer Certification Mexico CityOften referred to as “train the trainer,” the new online class allows Qualfon to unite trainers from across the country and the globe into a single environment where they can learn from each other.

“Now we can conduct the training for several locations at one time and give our trainers another opportunity to interact,” said Kathy Flowers, Global Director of Learning and Development, Qualfon. “Combining these groups creates a better experience for trainers and ultimately for their students too.”

Photos at Right: Employees from across the Philippines and Mexico display certificates marking them as Qualfon Certified Trainers

The virtual training is a 4.5-day required course that helps trainers be effective teachers. Based on the teachings of Karen Lawson, the lessons explain experiential and adult learning principles, empowering trainers to use problem-based, collaborative, and hands-on teaching methods rather than traditional lecturing.

“While most programs focus on the trainer, we concentrate on the adult learner and how they learn,” added Flowers. “We want to get people involved in their learning, and we want them to feel they can fail in a safe environment which is where learning happens. Throughout the week, trainers develop their skills to create this unique atmosphere.”

Training and learning doesn’t stop there. Collaboration across different Qualfon locations widens the trainers’ perspective and exposure, seeing and hearing examples from a variety of other trainers and client programs. Back on the job, managers also evaluate trainers based on the lessons they learned in the virtual classroom.

“In the end, virtual training is helping Qualfon become the best BPO because our trainers learn so much more,” said Flowers.

The 2017 virtual program kicked off in the Philippines and Mexico, and additional courses will be held for trainers across other countries. Qualfon has 70 certified trainers to date and expects many more by the end of the year.

About Qualfon

Qualfon is a mission-driven BPO company and a global provider of contact center services and back-office processing. With experienced BPO leadership and a strong track record of business growth dating back to our founding in 1995, Qualfon helps companies reduce costs and deliver superior customer experiences. Today, we have approximately 12,000 employees serving international brands across many industries, and our intelligent outsourcing locations span the United States, the Philippines, Guyana S.A., and Mexico. Qualfon’s mission to “Be the Best BPO, Make People’s Lives Better” means we invest in our people and, in return, they take better care of you and your customers. Qualfon’s employee retention regularly exceeds the industry average, which creates a people-driven value chain: Our employees stay longer, providing you a higher quality service at a lower price.