Qualfon and Haven for Hope Partnership Expands with Employee Volunteerism Programs that Serve those Experiencing Homelessness

November 21, 2016

haven-for-hope-and-qualfon-birthday-party-for-resident-childrenQualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, announced today that its partnership with Haven for Hope is expanding with multiple employee volunteerism programs that provide fun activities for Haven for Hope residents and members in San Antonio, Texas. Qualfon’s employee-run fun clubs are spearheading the efforts, coordinating birthday parties for children and offering crafty entertainment for both adults and children. Haven for Hope is a 22-acre campus of hope and new beginnings providing transformational services to help people address the root cause of homelessness.

Photo at Right: Qualfon employee volunteers wear colorful t-shirts as they host a birthday party for resident children at Haven for Hope

“Our partnership with Haven for Hope continues to blossom,” said Steve Tatarian, V.P. of Operations at Qualfon San Antonio. “Qualfon’s fun clubs are a great complement to Haven’s programs, and our employees are eager to put their skills and talents to work for the hundreds of people that Haven for Hope serves every day.”

In August, the Qualfon E.C.H.O. (Everyone Can Help Others) fun club assisted Haven in hosting a birthday party for resident children. The party is now a monthly tradition and ongoing program. With the helping hands of 25 Qualfon volunteers, E.C.H.O. provides party planners, pizza, cake, gifts, and games for a gaggle of youngsters ages 1 to 16.

Other employees and fun clubs quickly followed suit. The Art Club and book club (called a Novel Idea) started experimenting with art activities and reading groups for both children and adults at the campus. Those activities were well received, and starting in January 2017, the Puzzle Club, Sport Club, and Music Club will join their efforts, adding a larger variety of entertainment through Courtyard Gathering events.

“It was the birthday party program that got the ball rolling—everyone wants to make birthdays a fun and memory-filled day for children. From there, we kept thinking of new ways to work together,” said Freda Sullivan, Mission Office Site Coordinator at Qualfon. Ms. Sullivan leads Qualfon’s Mission Office programs in San Antonio, including the Fun@Work and fun club initiatives.

“Many of the members have a lot of down time, so we go in and serve drinks, play games, teach an art lesson, read to the kids, sing, dance, and just socialize,” said Sullivan. “We want to remind these people that they are important in the community. I think it helps. We get a lot of positive feedback from just keeping people engaged in something fun.”

The momentum continues to gain speed. Creative partnerships are taking shape with other Haven for Hope partnership organizations. For instance, Qualfon’s Crochet For A Cause Club is working with the San Antonio Police Department and child advocacy groups to knit blankets for children seeking comfort after having been removed from their homes.

Qualfon’s alliance with Haven for Hope started in 2014 when the two organizations joined forces to design an employment program that hires Haven residents/members at the Qualfon-run contact center located on campus. The employment program continues to be a success and has paved the way for these additional unions.

“Qualfon’s company mission supports a culture to serve the needs of others, including employees, families, and the local community. With the support of Qualfon’s Mission Office and through the generosity of our employee volunteers, we’re deepening partnerships that empower people to make significant and transformational change,” added Tatarian.

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