26 Peer Educators Mark Qualfon’s Partnership with Guyana Business Coalition on Health Awareness

October 31, 2016

peer-educators-qualfon-guyana-partnership-with-guyana-business-coalition-on-healthQualfon, a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, announced that it has signed on as a member of the Guyana Business Coalition on Health Awareness (GBCHA) and has 26 Peer Educators to help promote health and wellness at the company’s contact centers in the capital city of Georgetown, Guyana, South America. The membership is assisting Qualfon in serving more than 2,000 employees with health awareness services including training programs for employees, health awareness sessions, and health education resource distribution.

Recently, the Qualfon Guyana Human Development department launched its first Peer Educator training workshop, during which 26 employees were empowered to better understand and recognize health issues and were trained in how to effectively respond to concerns. Icebreaker activities also gave Peer Educators insight into health self-awareness and self-realization.

Photo at Right: Qualfon Guyana employees celebrate after completing the GBCHA Peer Educator training workshop

“Our partnership with the Coalition is an important investment that enables Qualfon to collectively ensure a safe and healthy work environment and promote the health and wellness of our employees, their families, and the local community. We are honored and eager to work with the GBCHA to achieve Qualfon’s mission to be the best BPO and make people’s lives better,” said Shaun Prince, Qualfon Guyana Senior Human Development Manager, who was in attendance.

Qualfon joins more than 20 Coalition members that coordinate workplace and community initiatives to improve health literacy and promote positive behavior. GBCHA works with the business sector, government agencies, international partners, and community-based organizations to improve health literacy in Guyana by coordinating programs and activities with members and partners to enhance national health and wellness. Learn more at http://www.guybizcoalition.org/.

About Qualfon

Qualfon is a mission-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and a global provider of contact center services and back-office processing. With experienced BPO leadership and a strong track record of business growth dating back to our founding in 1995, Qualfon helps companies reduce costs and deliver superior customer experiences. Today, we have approximately 12,000 employees serving international brands across many industries, and our intelligent outsourcing locations span the United States, the Philippines, Guyana S.A., and Mexico. Qualfon’s mission to “Be the Best BPO, Make People’s Lives Better” means we invest in our people and, in return, they take better care of you and your customers. Qualfon’s employee retention regularly exceeds the industry average, which creates a people-driven value chain: Our employees stay longer, providing you a higher quality service at a lower price.