Qualfon Receives GMSA Award for Advancing the Information and Communications Technology Sector in Guyana, South America

December 7, 2015

Qualfon, a people-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, received an award from the Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association (GMSA) recognizing its contributions to the growth and development of the information and communications technology (ICT) sector in the country of Guyana, South America.

Photo at right: Luanna Persaud (seated at the lower right) representing Qualfon Guyana at the GSMA awards ceremony

The award was presented to Qualfon Guyana on November 18, 2015 during a special awards ceremony at the Pegasus Hotel. Luanna Persaud, Senior Mission Manager at Qualfon Guyana, received the award on behalf of the company. “We are delighted and very grateful to be recognized by the GMSA organization as a business community partner and significant contributor to Guyana’s ICT advancements,” said Persaud. “Qualfon remains one of the largest private employers in Guyana and was honored for its achievements to date.”

Qualfon has been operating in Guyana since 2005 and currently employs roughly 2,000 people in the country. In March 2015, Qualfon opened its third location in Guyana, a 10-acre “green” contact center campus located at Georgetown’s East Bank Demerara. When completed, the site will include three contact centers, a community center, and an interfaith chapel. At full capacity, it is expected to create roughly 6,000 new jobs.

The GMSA awards are presented to manufacturing and service companies that make strides in advancing Guyana’s economic strength and enhance the country’s commercial and employment opportunities. Qualfon was recognized alongside other innovative and progressive companies, including JTW Associates Ltd., the Massy Group of Companies, Gafoors, among others.

About Qualfon 

Qualfon is a people-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and a global provider of contact center services and back-office processing. With experienced BPO leadership and a strong track record of business growth dating back to our founding in 1995, Qualfon helps companies reduce costs and deliver superior customer experiences. Today, we have 11,000 employees serving international brands across many industries, and our intelligent outsourcing locations span the United States, the Philippines, Guyana S.A., and Mexico. Qualfon’s mission to “Be the Best BPO, Make People’s Lives Better” means we invest in our people and, in return, they take better care of you and your customers. Qualfon’s employee retention is twice the industry average, which creates a people-driven value chain: Our employees stay longer, providing you a higher quality service at a lower price.