August 24, 2015 – Sink-Your-Boss Dunk Tank Creates Funtastic Folly at Qualfon Fort Collins, Colorado

August 24, 2015

Qualfon, a people-driven bDunk Tankusiness process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, sponsored a dunking booth at its contact center in Fort Collins, Colorado that had employees competing against each other to see how many times they could successfully dunk their boss.

The dunking machine consisted of a large tank of cold water, over which a series of Qualfon managers rotated throughout the day, sitting on the tank’s collapsible seat. Employees took turns throwing a baseball at the dunk tank’s target which, when hit, caused the seat to collapse, dropping the manager into the water.

“Nothing says fun-at-work like a dunk tank,” exclaimed Kyle Ellis, Director of Client Relations. Qualfon’s Fun@Work program sponsored the dunk tank activity, sending out emails to employees with messages like: “Ethan Roberts will be in the Dunk Tank from 3:30 – 4:00. We want to make a record of how many times someone can get dunked in one sitting. There is no better time! It is getting pretty hot out there, so we want to be sure he doesn’t have to be out of the water too long. ;)”

Scott Peterson in the Qualfon Dunk Tank

Cheers! Scott Peterson, Site Director, Qualfon Fort Collins, manages to keep his coffee dry and safe after employees give him an early morning bath

One of the most funtastic moments at the dunking booth came when Scott Peterson, Site Director of Qualfon Fort Collins, confidently adorned the dunking chair with his coffee mug in hand. “We’ve got to hand it to him. Scott has some talent,” explained Rocio Chartier, Activities Coordinator at Qualfon Fort Collins, in her email sharing Scott’s waterlogged photo with all of the Fort Collins employees. “He managed to save his coffee from getting dunked, but unfortunately we cannot say the same for him.”

“Qualfon is known for being a fun place to work and this is another example of how Qualfon incorporates entertaining and enjoyable activities into everyday life at the office. You don’t find companies like this everywhere. It really is a fun place to work,” added Ellis.

“We do all these crazy things because Qualfon truly believes that our office should be a place that our employees look forward to,” said Chartier. “When we put people first, just like our company mission states, our employees like to be here and take an interest in making this a great place. That’s when all the rest of our business falls beautifully into place.”

Other Fun@Work activities at Qualfon Fort Collins this year have included launching new fun clubs, a cook-off competition, and Qualfon-branded bicycle and shirt giveaways. Learn about open positions at Qualfon Fort Collins at

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