July 13, 2015 – Qualfon Launches STRIDES Rides Bike Sharing Program in Fort Collins, Colorado

July 13, 2015
Qualfon Strides Rides Bike Sharing Program

In Fort Collins, Qualfon employees can borrow bicycles for free through the STRIDES Rides bike sharing program

Qualfon, a people-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, announced today that its Fort Collins, Colorado contact center recently launched STRIDES Rides, a bicycle sharing program in which employees may borrow a bike free of charge. An initiative of Qualfon’s Fun@Work program, STRIDES Rides supports employees’ needs for transportation, encourages physical activity, and continues to get Qualfon’s name out into the local community.

“The STRIDES Rides bike program helps us accomplish multiple goals,” said Scott Peterson, Site Director, Qualfon Fort Collins, Colorado. “The Qualfon brand is still relatively new to Fort Collins, so we wanted a fresh way to make people aware of us and also help out our employees. A few of our Fort Collins leaders got together and decided that bikes would be a great way to share our brand and allow employees to step away from work, enjoy some exercise in the fresh air, and recharge.”

Qualfon Strides Rides Bike Logo

Each bike is branded with the STRIDES shield, which represents Qualfon’s company values

Qualfon partnered with local bike shop, Big Shot Bikes, to express its brand through a bicycle. The result: 11 eye-catching “fixie style” bikes, fixed-gear or single-speed bicycles with ultra-smooth, colorful tires and clean lines that deliver simplistic beauty. “Since Qualfon’s STRIDES company values are important to us, we wanted to incorporate them into the program and into the design,” said Peterson. STRIDES is an acronym for Qualfon’s values: Service, Teamwork, Results, Integrity, Dignity, Encouragement, and Spirituality, and the STRIDES shield logo is prominently displayed on each bike.

“Qualfon’s values and company mission are both aimed at making people’s lives better, and we are continuously acting on initiatives that can turn our ideals into reality right here at the office,” said Peterson. “We know some of our employees have limited time and transportation, so we created a way to help them be more efficient and easily access the community. With a STRIDES Rides bike, employees can increase their relaxation time by decreasing their travel time.”

Qualfon will give six of the 11 bikes away to employees just for fun and has the remaining five bikes as loaners for employees to check out at their leisure. “Based on the numerous times employees have taken advantage of these beautiful bikes, the program is shaping up to be a real success,” added Peterson, who explained that this success has the potential to grow. Due to the immediate popularity of the STRIDES Rides bicycles, Qualfon leaders are investigating the bike sharing program as a pilot and model to create additional programs at Qualfon’s other locations in the U.S.A. and around the world.

About Qualfon

Qualfon is a people-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and a global provider of contact center services and back-office processing. With experienced BPO leadership and a strong track record of business growth dating back to our founding in 1995, Qualfon helps companies reduce costs and deliver superior customer experiences. Today, we have 11,000 employees serving international brands across many industries, and our intelligent outsourcing locations span the United States, the Philippines, Guyana S.A., Mexico, and China. Qualfon’s mission to “Be the Best BPO, Make People’s Lives Better” means we invest in our people and, in return, they take better care of you and your customers. Qualfon’s employee retention is twice the industry average, which creates a people-driven value chain: Our employees stay longer, providing you a higher quality service at a lower price.