May 11, 2015 – Fort Collins, Colorado – New “Mega-Client” Helps Qualfon Gain Stronger Foothold in Entertainment Industry

May 11, 2015

Qualfon, a people-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and global provider of contact center services, is now providing inbound sales support for a new client in the entertainment industry, further strengthening its position as a leading BPO partner in the sector. Qualfon was selected to provide sales support for the entertainment company and help increase the customer base of one of the world’s largest subscription-based entertainment service providers. In January 2015, Qualfon launched the program at its contact center in Fort Collins, Colorado, and the account continues to grow due to marked success.

Qualfon First Graduating Class for New Entertainment Industry Client

After graduating from training, a team of Qualfon Fort Collins employees are excited to serve on the new sales support program

“Our new partner is another mega-client that Qualfon now has in its portfolio,” explained Brian Kearney, V.P. of Marketing at Qualfon. “Qualfon’s expansion in the entertainment industry and subscriber services is evidence of our operational expertise alongside our sales experience. We’re a perfect match for our client’s goal to increase revenue.”

Wanting to diversify its BPO providers, the entertainment company partnered with Qualfon and began directing incoming sales calls to Qualfon in January. “Within a few weeks, Qualfon sales representatives were delivering competitive sales conversion rates, well above the client’s initial expectations,” said Jesse Falero, Director of Client Relations at Qualfon, who oversees the sales program. “We immediately established trust, as the client was very impressed with the level of agent skill set, leadership team and most importantly the quality of the interactions with its subscribers. This initial success has led to the client awarding us additional call volumes at an accelerated implementation or ramp-up rate that will take us to approximately 125 agents by the start of Q3.”

Every month Qualfon increases the client program with roughly 50 additional full-time sales representatives along with necessary support staff, and Qualfon currently has open positions in Fort Collins. Go to for more information. “We are ecstatic to be expanding our partnership with the entertainment company,” said Scott Peterson, Site Director at Qualfon Fort Collins. “With this partnership, Qualfon is a top employer in Fort Collins, and our growth gives us more opportunities to serve our community and make people’s lives better.”

Trust and top operational performance are ongoing themes within the new client program and are leading to additional projects and possibilities. “In addition, we’re developing a value-based partnership by performing pilot programs that identify service efficiencies and also by helping the client improve its call center scripts and tools that guide sales conversations. As a result, the client has invited Qualfon to represent its BPO partners in the company’s agent interactive desktop program, a technology integration project which will ultimately establish new standards for all of its BPO partners and their contact center operations,” added Falero.

As the relationship grows, the entertainment company is also taking a closer look at how it can leverage Qualfon’s customer care services to further diversify its BPO partners and outsourcing locations. “This partnership definitely offers significant value to both organizations, and we continue to work very closely with our client in identifying what will be most advantageous to them, their subscribers, and their stakeholders,” Falero said.

About Qualfon 
Qualfon is a people-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and a global provider of contact center services and back-office processing. With experienced BPO leadership and a strong track record of business growth dating back to our founding in 1995, Qualfon helps companies reduce costs and deliver superior customer experiences. Today, we have 11,000 employees serving international brands across many industries, and our intelligent outsourcing locations span the United States, the Philippines, Guyana S.A., Mexico, and China. Qualfon’s mission to “Be the Best BPO, Make People’s Lives Better” means we invest in our people and, in return, they take better care of you and your customers. Qualfon’s employee retention is twice the industry average, which creates a people-driven value chain: Our employees stay longer, providing you a higher quality service at a lower price.