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Qualfon Acquires InterMedi@ Marketing Solutions

Rebrand logo for Intermedia slideOn February 1st, 2016, Qualfon announced the acquisition of Inter-Media Marketing, LLC, also known as InterMedi@ Marketing Solutions (InterMedi@), a customer contact management solutions company that over the last 32 years has built an excellent reputation for top performance in the healthcare, travel and hospitality, and financial services industries. InterMedi@ had three contact centers across Pennsylvania and South Carolina, and the company now operates as a fully integrated part of Qualfon. As a result of the integration, Qualfon provides the following:

  • Added Expertise Creates Competency in Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, and Financial Services

InterMedi@’s successful history serving healthcare, travel and hospitality, and financial services companies further diversifies Qualfon’s capabilities and expands its core competencies. The expertise and dedication of InterMedi@ has resulted in strong performance and deep relationships with its clients.

  • Additional Contact Centers Strengthen Qualfon’s Intelligent Global Footprint

InterMedi@’s contact centers in the eastern region of the U.S. balance Qualfon’s existing presence in the central and western regions, as the company continues to enhance its onshore, near-shore, and offshore strategy.

  • Expanded List of Top Brands

InterMedi@’s client list aligns with Qualfon’s growth strategy, increasing its potential across more industries and enabling Qualfon to provide additional offerings to clients.

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About InterMedi@

Founded in 1983, InterMedi@ Marketing Solutions is a trusted leader in providing customer contact management solutions in the business process outsourcing industry. An array of sophisticated contact center services are provided to Fortune 1000 and others primarily in the communications, insurance, healthcare, financial services and consumer goods industries. Multi-channel communications including phone, email, social media and chat are supported for both business to consumer and business to business initiatives.