Qualfon Acquires Culture.Service.Growth (CSG)CSG rebrand logo slideshow

On April 1st, 2016, Qualfon announced the acquisition of Culture.Service.Growth (CSG), a contact center services company based in San Antonio, Texas. CSG had 700 employees that offered customer service, sales, and back-office solutions to insurance, logistics, and retail clients. Qualfon acquired the company as part of its growth strategy to expand services in additional industries and add companies with a similar person-first culture.

CSG will operate as a fully integrated part of Qualfon. As a result of the CSG acquisition, Qualfon will be able to offer the following:

    • Added Expertise Expands Competency in Property & Casualty Insurance, Transportation & Logistics, and Retail Services

CSG’s successful history in property & casualty insurance; transportation & logistics; and brick-and-mortar retail further diversifies Qualfon’s capabilities and expands its core competencies. CSG’s expertise and dedication has resulted in strong performance and deep client relationships.

    • Expanded List of Top Brands

CSG’s client list aligns with Qualfon’s growth strategy, increasing its potential across more industries and enabling Qualfon to provide additional offerings to clients.

    • Qualfon’s Intelligent Global Footprint Expands CSG’s Delivery Platform

CSG clients now have the opportunity to leverage Qualfon’s global service delivery locations for strategic advantages in onshore, near-shore, and offshore markets.

Read the complete acquisition press release