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On May 6th, 2014, Qualfon acquired Center Partners, a United States contact center outsourcing company that over its 17-years history built an excellent reputation for high performance sales programs for its clients in the communications, financial, technology, and retail industries. Center Partners had six contact centers across Idaho, Washington and Colorado with approximately 2,500 employees who were added to Qualfon’s 10,000 employees and 11 contact centers, primarily in near-shore and off-shore locations. Center Partners operates as a fully integrated part of Qualfon. As a result of this integration, Qualfon now offers:

  • Qualfon Fort CollinsAn outstanding balanced global footprint of on-shore (30%), near-shore (20%) and off-shore (50%) delivery locations: Qualfon now has a premier United States service delivery capability with 17 years of experience behind it. As part of its near-shore footprint, Qualfon has a center in Mexico City, which is a highly scalable bilingual geography servicing customers in the United States and Latin America. It also has a near-shore center in Guyana, South America, which is a native-English location offering pricing competitive with India and the Philippines. Qualfon’s off-shore locations include large-scale metro and provincial sites in the Philippines and also two locations in China.
  • Deep Expertise in Sales, Care, Technical Support, and Back-Office Processing Services: Center Partners’ sales and technical support expertise is combined with Qualfon’s expertise in customer care and back-office processing. Clients benefit by having one trusted provider that can provide a broader set of high-quality services.
  • Combined Experience across Multiple Industries: Center Partners and Qualfon combine their expertise in the communications, retail/ecommerce, and technology industries. Together, they create a comprehensive customer-facing and back-office processing offering in the financial industry.
  • An Expanded Portfolio of Top Tier Clients: Both companies have excellent relationships servicing many top brands and the acquisition will provide a larger and more diverse client portfolio.

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About Center Partners

Center Partners is a leading provider of high-value customer sales and support solutions for distinguished brands requiring superior consumer experience. Center Partners services multiple industries including retail, financial services, consumer products, media, and technology companies. The company has a 100% U.S.-based workforce with 2,500 employees.